Zemfira arranged a live broadcast with the fans after the scandalous statements about Grechka and Monetochka

Zemfira arranged a live broadcast with the fans after the scandalous statements about Grechka and Monetochka
Zemfira arranged a live broadcast with the fans after the scandalous statements about Grechka and Monetochka
Last night 41-year-old Zemfira for the first time publicly spoke about two popular singers – Monetochka (Elizaveta Gyrdymova) and Grechka (Anastasia Ivanova). Her opinion on the creativity of the performers, she shared in her official group in “VKontakte.” In a matter of hours, Zemfira’s statement spread over all the media and other social networks and received a huge public response, dividing the singer’s fans into two camps. Zemfira herself for the first time in her career went online to answer hundreds of questions from fans: about a scandalous recording of fellow workers, Duda, a documentary about her tour “Little Man” and not only. We share with you all the details.

Express an opinion. Buckwheat – very bad. Terrible voice and appearance. To perceive it is difficult – to sing it is not able, texts do not convince, well and very ugly. A coin – great texts! It looks normal, unlike Grechka. But the voice is disgusting. Vocal timbre is the same instrument. If it is pleasant, you can sing all sorts of nonsense. Example: Zhanna Aguzarova. Good luck to both,

– wrote in his yesterday’s post Zemfira.

In a matter of hours, a lot of comments appeared under this entry: many subscribers began to blame Zemfira for not evaluating people in appearance, and the statement itself became a loud information guide in the media. Faithful fans did not pay attention to the negative in the words of the idol, but only once again confessed their love for her creativity. Another half of the fan community accused the performer of intolerant behavior towards young colleagues.

If I do not like the outward appearance of a person, then I say that I do not like it. Millions of people are engaged in music. “Lukism” is a terrible word. There are those who I like and there are those who do not like. Do not you like me? Nasrat.

– Responded to the outrage of fans Zemfira.

Discussion about the singer’s statement in “VKontakte” reached Facebook, where the public began to comment on the situation. For example, journalist Yuri Saprykin ironically recalled the singer an excerpt from an interview for the Afisha magazine, which Zemfira gave to Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper in 2000.

– Zemfira, why did you sketch the head in the first video?

“It’s just a trick.”

“It seemed to us that you were some kind of incredible freak …”

– You yourself are a freak!

“… That you can not be shown to people in any way, because they will surely die of fear.” And then there was the cover of “OM”, which more or less confirmed this conjecture …

– Well, why are they so fucking with me? Just at first the newspapers wrote: “Zemfira finally opened her face.” And when we discussed the clip, someone blurted out: “Do not paint over the face to make a puzzle?” And then I said: “Grab what’s there, it’s not a pity.”

– … And we discussed what we will do if you turn out to be a terrible two-meter basketball player. Makeup artist Lusia consoled us, said that you do not have a mustache. And we sat and were afraid, because the cover is the same. I thought that if the illuminator does not come, if the photo director, photographer, anyone will not come, the shooting will take place. But if the make-up artist does not come …

– What do people want? And eat the fish, and m-m-sit. To both Marilyn Monroe, and songs zashibitelskie. Yeah … it did not work out – well, figs with it.

As for the online conversation with the fans, Zemfira was asked not only about Grechka and Monetochka. For example, they asked if she would go to an interview with Yuri Dudu.

I do not give interviews. At all. I do not need it. And the process itself drives me into terrible stress. With the years it becomes only worse,

– Zemfira declared.

But one of the singer’s fans remembered about the documentary about the tour of the star “Little Man”, over which the journalist Anton Jelnov worked. Fragments from him were laid out in the social network of the singer, but it was a long time ago, and new information about him was no longer received. To which Zemfira briefly replied:

No. The picture did not work.

Recall that in 2016 the crew of the First Channel accompanied the singer during the tour “Little Man”. Especially for the documentary, interviews with Zemfira, as well as moments from her concerts and personal stories of the singer’s fans from different cities of Russia were shot.

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