Zelensky, Tymoshenko or Poroshenko: three scenarios for Ukraine

Зеленский, Тимошенко или Порошенко: три сценария для Украины

According to opinion polls, the second round at this point two candidates – Yulia Tymoshenko and Vladimir Zelensky. Ze is the only one who wins lady Yu in the second round. And although Poroshenko formed a very unfavorable situation at the beginning of the campaign, the probability of reaching the second round is not excluded, says Oleg Soskin.

What happens in case of victory of each candidate, and how this will affect relations with Russia?

If you win Zelensky

If Zelensky will become President, Putin and all the other ruling elites it would be a difficult option, because “they did not play”. For them he is “the cat in the bag”: at the moment it is absolutely impossible to predict how Zelensky will behave. He – man theatrical genre, with a satirical and comedic. Vladimir Putin will be shocked if Ukraine win its namesake. He goes into a stupor. After all Putin is a KGB, and these are always laid out on shelves. And Zelensky does not work, it is impossible to “sort through”, he has a lot of aliases, and this is its advantage.

You can be sure that Zelensky Putin will not be able to build relationships. The Russian President, as a lying person, it is easy to build relationships with Poroshenko or Tymoshenko because they are the same as him, they are predictable and understandable for each other.

But we can already say for sure that Zelensky – fighter. He is not a pushover and not a Prim young lady. He is strong enough. And if suddenly Zelensky will try to bring Ukraine, the people already know how to remove the traitors. If he tries to take the interests of Ukraine, it simply hang directly on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti together with his team “95 Quarter”.

If you win Poroshenko

If the victory of Petro Poroshenko, then we will have to wait on hard times. I think in this case there will be a full-scale war with Russia. Will be introduced throughout the country martial law, military dictator will be a total mobilization, will be confiscation of private property, everything will be nationalized. In this case, the war with Russia drags on for 15 years.

If Tymoshenko wins

The election of Tymoshenko will lead to a civil war in Ukraine. Now she can promise “Golden mountains”, but as soon as she sits on the throne, she is going to do what used to do in previous decades. What she did is known to everybody. Plus Tymoshenko behaves like a Queen, loves squealing, to divide and conquer, and she’s very vindictive. Because it will be the worst option for Ukraine.

I have long said that Tymoshenko does not need to go to the President. After all, experience has shown that Ukraine itself opposed it. Tymoshenko is not compatible with the egregore Ukraine – Ukraine and Tymoshenko antagonistic in nature.