Zelensky told whom to appoint to high positions in the case of the presidency

Зеленский рассказал, кого назначит на высокие должности в случае президентства

The entertainer spoke about his participation in the election

The head of the Studio “Quarter-95” Vladimir Zelensky, who announced his intention to go on elections, spoke about the upcoming assignments and their pros and cons as the next President of Ukraine.

Ukrainian showman Vladimir Zelensky during the show “Evening quarter”, which was released on the channel “1+1” October 27, spoke about his possible participation in the election of the President of Ukraine, reports politeka.net.

Video published on the page of the Studio “Kvartal 95” in YouTube. In a monologue the actor discussed the “pros and cons” of its possible extension and the position of the President of Ukraine.

“I have a legal education. That’s a plus. But I have no experience in politics. Is a fat plus,” – said Vladimir Zelensky.

Vladimir Zelensky said that for extension you have to pay a fee of 2.5 million UAH.

“2,5 million UAH I have. But not for such a dubious history. So will need somewhere to find the money. And all the journalists started writing that the money will give me exactly Kolomoisky. It’s a shame really. Like I can ask anyone, but give me only Kolomoisky. And all so confidently talking, as if personally asked Kolomoisky: “You give Zelensky or not?” and he said, “Vova? Of course! The doors from my cabinets are always open!” But, guys, if you personally knew Kolomoisky, you would understand that it was Kolomoysky not because it gave everyone 2.5 million UAH, quite the contrary. He is unlikely to give the money back where they are unlikely to return,” – said Vladimir Zelensky.

He added that the President of Ukraine should speak Ukrainian.

“This is a problem. Let me explain why. Because in our country, “army, movoyu I vrou” owns another person. And it is very difficult to part with their assets… But is a plus. If you want to run for President… I will appoint responsible people. For example, the Minister of the armed forces will be a person certain is not the one who sends people there, and the one who came back,” said Vladimir Zelensky.