Zelensky should be seen as “the Joker” Kolomoisky – expert

Зеленского надо воспринимать как «джокера» Коломойского - эксперт

At the beginning of the election campaign before elections of the President of Ukraine-2019 V. Zelensky applying for the post of head of the Ukrainian state, can be considered “wild” businessman Ihor Kolomoyskyi.

Comments about this ГолосUA, said the head of the analytical center “Third sector” Andrei Zolotarev.

“In this campaign, if you use card terminology, V. Zelensky is a “Joker.” This is the map that changes the alignment. Zelensky different from all who claimed to be the “third is not superfluous” by the fact that he is a businessman Ihor Kolomoyskyi. But he also differs from other candidates the fact that he was a spokesman not only crazy, but a moderate and Patriotic electorate of the left Bank” – says the analyst.

According to V. Zolotarev, Kolomoisky interested in supporting Zelensky in the political project called “presidential elections”, as in the case of a successful result Kolomoisky will get a significant political bonus.

“In business there is the concept of “affiliate”. Zelensky affiliated with Kolomoisky. The main business partner in Ukraine for Zelensky is Igor Kolomoisky, which obviously helped, invested. As they say evil tongues, Kolomoisky shall Zelensky 5-7 million dollars, although this is not big money for Zelensky, he is a dollar millionaire. But Igor, using the situation, “Zelensky firms to participate in the campaign. The calculation is based on the fact that Kolomoisky will support and Yulia Tymoshenko, but there is Kolomoisky, there can not be a controlling stake. But in the project “Zelensky” he can do it and so it enhances their political position. In case of victory Kolomoisky will be able to punish Poroshenko… one of the objectives is not to let Poroshenko in the second round or to create problems for him,” added the analyst.

We will remind, on December 31, 2018, the leader of the “Quarter-95” Vladimir Zelensky said about nominating himself for the post of President of Ukraine. He declared it on air of TV channel “1+1”.

“Now, for a few minutes before the New year, I have something promised and will perform. Dear Ukrainians I promise you to go to the presidency and immediately fulfilling. I am running for President of Ukraine. Let’s do it together. Happy New year, happy new servant of the people,” said Zelensky.

The campaign was launched on 31 December 2019.