Zelensky said, who will give up power immediately after the victory

Зеленский рассказал, кому отдаст власть сразу после победы

Vladimir Zelensky said, what are the first laws that he plans to take in case of a victory on presidential election

His plans for the artist and the leader of the Studio “Kvartal 95” is shared in the form of presidential candidates for the “Commander in chief”.

Vladimir Zelensky openly talked about what would be his first decision as head of state if he wins the election.

“Give the draft laws “On democracy”, “On removal of inviolability from the President of Ukraine, people’s deputies and judges”, “On the impeachment of the President of Ukraine” and “On the opinion of the people’s Deputy of Ukraine””, — said the actor.

He also stressed that he was ready to quit politics if people will be disappointed in his work.

We will remind that Vladimir Zelensky started with, made a surprise announcement about the presidential elections in Ukraine. New year’s eve actor said on air of the Ukrainian TV channel “1+1” that intends to participate in the presidential elections in Ukraine on 31 March. Batch of “public Servant” 21 Jan nominated its candidate for the presidency. On Friday, January 25, he filed documents to the CEC. According to Ukrainian law, the President can be elected for two terms of five years.