Zelensky put on trial for the assault on the office: employee has disclosed important details

Зеленского отдадут под суд за штурм офиса: сотрудник раскрыл важные детали

On the evening of 11 January, the presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky, along with the police and a group of unknown men stormed the office in the center of Kiev, which is located on Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 21, writes Znayu.

One of the office staff has shared details and said that the owner of the building s wife Elena Zelenskaya, as well as the producer of “95 quarter” Sergey Shafir.

Зеленского отдадут под суд за штурм офиса: сотрудник раскрыл важные детали

This office is disputed, the matter in the courts, but Zelensky, together with the national police stormed it. According to the documents, the room belongs to the wife Zelensky and Sergei Shapiro,– said the employee.

In his words, “there is a certain society, which has a priority right of purchase of office, his interests are violated, and now the company is suing in the Pechersk court.” At the same time, Zelensky, apparently, did not wait for a court decision and “has concluded the contract with nicolicea, the lease and by cutting the locks, came” into the room.

As the man says, the whole conflict began around 10 am.

To our office the lawyers arrived from Vladimir Zelensky with the police and said that we should leave the room, because we allegedly illegally lease it. Our lawyers have suggested it’s all resolved by legal means. The result of all this red tape lasted the whole day, and the evening came to the commandos, who pushed six of our officers in a paddy wagon, and went to the Pechersk police Department, he says.

About 19 hours the situation in front of the office calm. The police left, the activists also differed.

Besides, representatives of the company, rented office, noted that he has already written the relevant statements to the police and Prosecutor’s office, Monday, January 14, will apply to the court.

Also the Internet was published a video, which you can see footage of police detention of several people. They are placed in the bus of the special forces, which is parked near the office.