Zelensky — not Goloborodko: “servant of the people” confused Ukrainians

Зеленский — не Голобородько: как "слуга народа" запутал украинцев

The showman and the leader of the Studio “Quarter-95” Vladimir Zelensky much different from his stage character Basil Goloborodko of “public Servants”, so his campaign for the presidency looks at least incorrect.

This was stated by Ukrainian rock musician, the leader of the group “Druga Rika” Valery harchishin in the comments OBOZREVATEL.

“If we voted for Goloborodko, a character in the TV series “servant of the people”, and if he was in real life Goloborodko, and if he did the same things and the same things as in the movie — because today we do not know how to live Zelensky, although he and public. Its publicity is limited in scope. He political life leads…” — said of the show.

“So when Goloborodko in real life, you would have to vote and he would have found his own electorate, which is now just confused — for whom he votes: over Goloborodko or according to Zelensky,” says the show.

While the singer emphasizes that Zelensky is a wonderful person and actor, but playing politics is not the best idea.

“I like Zelensky, he’s a good man, a good actor, we never pots were not beaten, we are friends, but appreciate Zelensky in the elections I can’t. Goloborodko — Yes. He can score and higher ratings, than Yulia Vladimirovna “, – says of the show.