Zelensky first steps in politics is deceiving voters – blogger

Зеленский с первых шагов в политике обманывает избирателей - блогер

Actor and showman Vladimir Zelensky from the first steps in politics is lying to voters. This was stated by the blogger and political expert Vladimir Makarov on the page in social network Facebook.

“From the very first steps in politics Zelensky lying and cheating, twirling the popularity, which is not. You’ve already read about the work of the counter on his website? That, my friends, is a shame. Those space figures about hundreds of thousands of people who allegedly joined the team in fact turned out to be a fraud,” says the blogger.

According to him, such an act will definitely affect the outcome of the race.

“And all because neither Zelensky nor his master Kolomoisky, do not believe in ratings. Can’t be a politician, which at the time still not announced that he will run, 10% of trust of the voter. That’s why I had to go for fraud. First, the deceived viewer’s new year’s address Zelensky in a time when everyone was waiting for the President. Then put a counter on the website that shows the number of people filing a questionnaire in a geometrical progression”, – continues Vladimir Makarov.

The analyst called the beginning of the election campaign Zelensky – cheap clowning.

“These are all cheap clowning. If Zelensky from the start so deceiving voters, what’s next? Perhaps our country clowns are not stolen. I wanted to write that it is the same as all politicians. But no. Zelensky worse. From other politicians and we do not expect anything good. And then the whole legend of his supposedly high moral standards collapsed for the first three days Zelensky in politics. Vova, why from the beginning to lie? What are you then a servant of the people? Admit it, you’re just a puppet of the oligarch. It Kolomoisky pays you for the face, completely controls you, “draw” ratings, and wind meter on site”, concludes the political expert.