Zelensky appeared behind a lattice: it is very cold here

Зеленский оказался за решеткой: здесь очень холодно

Presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky has shown what life is like behind bars.

The comedian posted on his Instagram page in the next video. The footage showman in prison garb stands against a high fence. Next in the same clothes turned actor Stanislav Boklan, writes Know.

Vladimir Zelensky explained that together with the team went to the place of detention for the sake of the “servant of the people — 3”.

“Shoot in jail,” said the celebrity.

Stanislav Boklan took the opportunity and complained of the hardships of the profession. He noted that the site is very cold.

“Such prisons,” concluded the actor. Immediately after this, in the background began to instruct the pyrotechnics. Probably, the scene will end with a colorful Bang.

Зеленский оказался за решеткой: здесь очень холодно

Subscribers celebrities have reacted to the post. Commentators noticed the subtle hint Stanislaus Boklan about the shortcomings of the Ukrainian prisons. Fans of the series expect that the new season will be the best.

Others have advised to Vladimir Zelensky to pay maximum attention to a political career. One of the users said that the humorist it is time to leave the set and get ready for presidential duties.