Zarobitchanin pretended to be dead to get rid of annoying wife (PHOTOS)

Заробитчанин притворился мертвым, чтобы избавиться от назойливой супруги (ФОТО)

A resident of Honduras who are on earnings in the United States created the staged photo where he is depicted dead, to get rid of the annoying wife.

About it reports The Daily Mail.

As the newspaper notes, the man put in the nose cotton wool and covered with a white blanket, as if he were lying in the morgue.

Your photos in this form along with pictures of the coffin he had sent his wife. The cause of his death Honduran indicated cancer.

However, the press in his hometown spread the news of his sudden death, and this shocked his friends and elderly parents.

Looking at the photo, the relatives noticed that Gonzalez is lying in a double bed and a white sheet over his body – actually a pillow case.

Soon, when the farce was revealed, the man admitted that the hoax was a Ruse for his wife because she demanded more money.

Gonzalez has complained that she has sent six mobile phones, but the woman claimed that they were stolen.

Also, we have previously written that drunk couple tried to have sex right in the Moscow metro. The footage shows that young people clearly under the influence of alcohol. The rapid course of the evening tried to prevent an elderly resident of the Russian capital, however, the pair pushed him away.
Заробитчанин притворился мертвым, чтобы избавиться от назойливой супруги (ФОТО)

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