Yulia Tymoshenko congratulated Ukrainians on Christmas

Юлия Тимошенко поздравила украинцев с Рождеством Христовым

Ukrainian politician Yulia Tymoshenko has congratulated Ukrainians on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

According to her, because of receiving the Ukrainian Church of the Tomos of autocephaly, the Christmas special, according to the website of the political power.

We publish the full text of the appeal:

Christmas eve and Christmas special for Ukrainians and Ukraine. Perhaps it’s our main holiday of the year. According to the customs, rites and traditions it is rooted in the distant mists of time. Even before the Christian era, in pre-literate, prehistoric times…

And our famous Christmas carols, and delicious Christmas pudding, and twelve dishes for dinner is not just folklore. This is our DNA, our collective consciousness and identity… And this is our Gogol, and our Vakula, and quite unbelievable, but quite possible miracles…

This is our everything this – we do!

This year’s Christmas special! After all, the only Ukrainian Church received the Tomos of autocephaly. I personally have the impression that for the first time to celebrate in his new room where his own master…

And yet – Christmas frost, and snow, how to order…

Happy holiday, my dear! Let it be all well with us – in Ukraine! I sincerely wish you warmth, success, prosperity, victories and happiness!

May the Lord help us!

Christ is born!