Youth team Karpaty U-21 home defeated Zorya Luhansk U-21 news ZIK.UA

Молодіжна команда львівських «Карпат» U-21 вдома розгромила луганську «Зорю» U-21 – новини ZIK.UA

In the fourth round of the youth championship of Ukraine U-21 Karpaty Lviv today, August 11, took Zorya Luhansk. The match at the Lokomotiv stadium in Rava-Ruska, ended in a crushing victory karpatz.

Football. Youth championship of Ukraine U-21 season-18/19. Match 4-th round

Karpaty U-21 (Lions) – Zorya U-21 (Lugansk) – 7:1 (4:1)

August 11. Start – 16:00. Rava-Ruska. The Stadium “Locomotive”. 100 spectators. Clear. +25°C.

Referee – Maxim Kozirazki (Zaporozhye).

Assistant referee: Vladimir Curibita (Lutsk), Ruslan Ermolenko (Chernigov).

Fourth official – Yaroslav Leskiv (Lviv region).

Observer of arbitration – Yevgen Gerenda (Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk region).

Karpaty U-21: Zaderako, Veremeenko, Plum, Vaclac, Sautin, Lyakh (Silchenko, 73), Tolochko, Jalisco (Swan, 61), Remenyuk (Wojtowicz, 46), Pritula (Rudiuk, 65), Cherepowec (CBS, 61).

Subs Not Used: Yushchyshyn, Derman.

Senior trainer – Alexander Chizhevsky.

Zorya U-21: Hmelovsky, Agapov, Zagoruiko, Poddubny, Povaliy, Milichenko, Vovchenko, Selfv, Alefirenko (Novikov, 57), Borisenko (Reshetov, 46), Mayboroda (Kacavenda, 76).

Replacement: Samara, Sukhina.

Senior coach Vladimir Nikitin.

Goals: Sautin, 5, 24, 58, Cherepowec, 27, Remeniuk, 29, Lyakh, 47, Rudyuk, 90 – Zagoruiko, 24.

Warning: Veremeenko, 38 – Novikov, 64.

Will football calendar youth team of Karpaty Lviv he spent four games in a row at home arena. In the 4th round to visit the “green-whites” bestowed peers Lugansk “Zarya”, on the eve of the match were neighbours of Lviv in the standings – both teams had the assets of six points. The game is in Rava-Ruska had to determine the strongest among the two rivals, writes the Information center of FC “Karpaty”.

Before kickoff the players of Lviv unfurled a banner – “Arthur, we are with you”. It was dedicated attacker “green-whites” Arthur Dima, who in training had a serious injury.

In the second match in a row Karpaty managed to score a few minutes after the starting whistle of the referee. If in the last game against Marseille Karpaty scored in the 6th minute, then in the meeting with Zorya did it a little earlier. It seemed that the Luhansk side managed to take away threat from the gate after the passage Rostislav stated. However, the ball was on the right flank and bounced to Sautin diving, which is from outside the box landed straight into the goal – 1:0. After scoring, the game was developed exclusively on the scenario of hosts: “Karpaty” actively attacked the gate rivals, more often involving the left flank, where on the brow rapidly drove Lyakh and remeniuk. Zarya, on the contrary, more defended their gates, as a rule, they could not even pass the midfield. However, his chance at the gates of Anton Zadiraka guests still managed to find. Inside of the first half with a long shot Zagoruiko evened the score in the match.

I hadn’t Luhansk to celebrate a goal being scored, as FC Karpaty took the lead. Within a few seconds, the same Dmitry Sautin rally slotted in a cross from the opposite flank from Andrew Remenyi. A few minutes Karpaty scored again: Pritula sent round on the course Yuri Cherepowec striker easily beat goalkeeper guests. Before the break Karpaty brought the score to devastating. Roman Tolochko found on the left flank of Remenyi, who came himself to himself against Chmielewski and accurately sent the ball into the far corner – 4:1.

In the break Karpaty again increased the advantage over the opponent. Sautin sweep from the right flank into the penalty area Lyakh effectively completed this cross, scoring his first goal for the youth of the “green-whites”. The score changed again in ten minutes: Roman Tolochko pass from midfield found ahead free sautina – Dmitry third time successfully dealt with the goalkeeper. A minute before the end of the match Vladimir Rudyuk set the final score in the game. The novel Drain pass from the left flank sent the ball into Rudiuk, which is located right in the center of the penalty area guests. Vladimir in touch sent the round into the goal – 7:1.

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