Young mother Chloe Kardashian lost 15 kilograms: “I’m shocked”

Young mother Chloe Kardashian lost 15 kilograms: "I'm shocked"
Young mother Chloe Kardashian lost 15 kilograms: “I’m shocked”
On April 12, 34-year-old Chloe Kardashian became a mother for the first time. Telesaveda gave birth to her beloved, 27-year-old basketball player Tristan Thompson, daughter of Tru. The other day the couple, along with Kendall Jenner and her boyfriend, basketball player Ben Simmons, went to the Mexican resort of Puerto Vallarta. Paparazzi managed to make a photo of a young mamma, and Chloe herself published several photos in Instagram showing a flat stomach and slender legs.

Recently, the reality TV star admitted that it was not easy to return to training after childbirth.
On the first day, I could not perform a single exercise. I had a terrible shortness of breath. Sensations are completely different. I felt helpless,
– said Chloe during the launch of her new collection of clothing brands Good American in New York.

After the first week of zealous training, it became much easier for me. I returned to my pace and felt that the forces had returned to me. After the birth, I did not put pressure on myself, but just wanted to return to the usual way of life. On July 12, my daughter was three months old. Since its birth, I lost 15 kilograms. I myself was shocked that I could lose weight so quickly. I did not have any specific goal for the number of kilograms,

– wrote Chloe in his blog.

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