“You don’t like what you hear”: the Network was struck by the story of the last call before the suicide

«Тебе не понравится то, что ты услышишь»: Сеть поразила история последнего звонка перед самоубийством

49-year-old Steven Mason of Selby (UK) was struck by an oncoming car after a heartbreaking call to his wife, with whom he lived for 15 years.

This writes The Sun.

Before the suicide the man was talking with his wife on the phone. Suddenly he said to the wife “put the phone down, you don’t like what you hear” and then ran onto a busy highway.

The wife of Mr. Mason remained on the line and heard the accident before the phone disconnected.

It turned out that Mason, the plant operator, was arrested a few weeks before his death, but he was not charged with any crime.

He told his doctor that he’s stressed and he decided to commit suicide. Mason was prescribed antidepressants, and he was given information about the group on mental health.

The investigation found out that day when he died that Mason deliberately sent a “Ford Kuga” in the truck, but survived the accident. He then got out of the car, went into the roadway and was hit by a “Mazda”.

We will remind, at the hotel “Dnipro” in Kiev have committed suicide a French tourist.