Yanukovych may again become President of Ukraine? Surfaced important document

Янукович может снова стать президентом Украины? Всплыл важный документ

In an attempt to maintain the status of the President Petro Poroshenko to ensure that Viktor Yanukovych regained the title of President.

This was reported by journalist Alexander Dubinsky, write akcenty.

We are talking about the Verkhovna Rada adopted the law “On depriving V. F. Yanukovych the title of President of Ukraine”. In the past Poroshenko took 5 months for the signing of the document even after the deputies voted for him.

The President signed the bill on 17 June 2015, but, according to Dubinsky, 19 Jun Poroshenko appealed to the Constitutional court. In his address, Poroshenko drew attention to the fact that the bill does not meet part 2 of article 6, paragraph 2 of article 8, paragraph 2 of article 19, article 85, part 3 of article 105 of the Constitution of Ukraine (is unconstitutional).

Poroshenko recalled that the Constitution provides for the possibility of removing a President from power solely on the basis of impeachment, which in the case of Yanukovich was carried out.

Treatment Poroshenko was registered by the Constitutional court, it is possible to read the document on the Agency’s website.

Hearing of the President took place in October 2016 in written form. After the court moved to the closed part of the plenary session to discuss the case and make a decision. The results remained unknown.

The fact that a full impeachment for the resignation of the President needed the vote of a constitutional majority of 300 deputies, while the decision to deprive Yanukovych the title of President was made by a simple majority.

“That is below just in case to cover up his presidential ass – Poroshenko ready to restore it in the presidential rights ass of Yanukovych,” – says Dubinsky.