Xiaomi smartphone exploded while charging

Смартфон Xiaomi взорвался во время зарядки 

Gadget Mi A1 has joined the list of Xiaomi, which confirmed the explosions.

It is reported by GizmoChina.

Earlier, Xiaomi had explosions of smartphones in China and beyond, but it was a few isolated cases. In this case, the place where the incident occurred, is not known, but it could not happen in China.

According to the author of the post on the support forum Xiaomi, the incident happened to his friend. The phone was left next to the owner while he slept. Smartphone caught fire, but fortunately, the owner was not injured because the device was in a protective case. The phone, judging from the picture, were not very close to the owner, perhaps on the nightstand.

Reportedly, the phone before the fire was used for 8 months. According to a source, the incident was reported to the customer service of Xiaomi, but the answer have not received.

Mi A1 powered with pure Android and therefore is not sold in China. The device has received success worldwide, which caused the release of Mi A2 and A2 Lite a couple months ago. This is the first reported case of explosion models and “it should not be the reason that all users of Mi A1 will be uncertain,” noted GizmoChina.

Earlier it was reported that the boss of the Malaysian company, Cradle Fund, Nazrin Hassan was killed in the explosion of the smartphone in the bedroom. The exact cause of death is unknown, but doctors and police believe that the sliver of the smartphone was in the back of your head 45-year-old man. Perhaps, the immediate cause of death was smoke inhalation from the burning of the gadget.

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