Wounded marine traveler a few weeks drifting in the Mediterranean sea (PHOTO)

Раненый морской путешественник несколько недель дрейфовал в Средиземном море (ФОТО)

The Israeli military rescued the traveler who for several weeks had drifted in the Mediterranean sea on the yacht unmanageable.

This publication reports The Times of Israel.

The ship spotted off the coast of the Gaza strip. On Board was only one person — an experienced yachtsman from France Jean-françois nick, once bypassed on his yacht the whole world. He had a damaged leg.

Kohl said that went to sea in December from Montpellier in the South of France. A few weeks ago, he was caught in a storm in the East Mediterranean sea. The result was a broken engine, broken anchor chain and refused electronics.

The traveler could not operate the vessel or to ask for help on the radio. Help came when the reserves of food and drinking water almost dried up. “It must be the top God is for me,” laughingly remarked a man in an interview with Israeli television.

The Israeli military gave him first aid and sent to hospital. The ship was towed to the Marina in Ashkelon, and return to the master when he will recover.