Without a concept and a plan: the four problems of the Ukrainian army

Без концепции и плана: названы четыре проблемы украинской армии

The Ukrainian army during the war, even in the conditions of the Minsk restrictions, can and should fight with the army of Russian invaders

The journalist Yury Butusov noted several major issues that will face the army of Ukraine in the next year. Yury Butusov believes that foremost among the problems is the question of personnel policy. According to him, the army it would be impossible if it’s run by people who have no authority and which cannot introduce NATO standards, reports nk.org.ua.

The second problem lies with the implementation of a certain concept and plan.

“What should be the model? It is necessary to determine what is the nature of modern warfare. What are the potential threats we have to reflect. And describe what actions the army needs to be in conditions of local wars of low intensity, which we do, and what are the potential risks threatening us,” — said the journalist.

The third problem he called the necessity of maintaining the army personnel of the rod, those soldiers who were experienced in the beginning of the military conflict in the Donbass.

The fourth aspect is that there was a practice of war. “The army in time of war, even in the conditions of the Minsk restrictions, can and should beat the enemy. We are not talking about the attack, about the use of heavy weapons, but the enemy should systematically beat the means that allowed, and not rely on the mythical peacekeepers. War is the main motivator for involvement in combat-ready army of volunteers for professional development commanders to improve weapons systems for the growth of patriotism in the society”, — said Yuri Butusov.