Within two years, Ukraine must pay foreign creditors $ 12 billion

В течение двух лет Украине нужно выплатить зарубежным кредиторам 12 миллиардов долларов

Ukraine in 2019, you must pay 151,02 billion or $ 5.6 billion (at the exchange rate of the National Bank on February 11) on external debt.

This is evidenced by data the Ministry of Finance, transmit Ukrainian news.

Including Ukraine must repay foreign debt on the 100,28 billion and serve on 50,73 billion ($3.7 billion and $ 1.9 billion respectively at the rate of NBU).

In the first quarter of the current year Ukraine needs to repay and service foreign debts for an amount respectively of 13.23 billion hryvnia, and of 19.68 billion in the second – 44,69 billion and 5.74 bn in the 3rd quarter 37,37 billion and 20,19 billion, and in the 4th quarter, 5 billion hryvnia, and of 5.12 billion respectively.

In 2020, Ukraine must pay foreign debts 173,31 billion or 6.44 billion dollars (at the rate of NBU).

On the domestic debt in the current year, Ukraine needs to spend 277,35 billion hryvnia, of which 201,81 billion – repayment and 75,54 billion – interest payment.

In General, this year on debt service must 428,37 billion.

Meanwhile, in 2013 the external debt of Ukraine has increased by 4 times.