With the help of opinion polls, the staff of the President organizes the database for fraud

С помощью соцопросов штаб Президента организует базу данных для фальсификаций

In almost all regions of Ukraine are so-called “opinion polls” and compiled a database of citizens – supporters of the incumbent President. During these “surveys” are fixed signs for political agitation.

This was during a press conference said the Chairman of the Board of the NGO “Civil network “OPORA” Olga ayvazovska.

While briefing the so-called sociologists, organizers and the agitators are sometimes held in the premises of municipal property. For this labor time involved officials. And this is directly contrary to the law.

Representatives of the “SUPPORT” became known that the survey was conducted at the initiative of the NGO “Institute for development and democracy”. And in the organization of the survey involved the local branch of the political party “Block of Petro Poroshenko “Solidarity”.

According to “SUPPORT” until March 28, it is planned to conduct four waves of the survey of voters.

The “SUPPORT” note that the survey does not include sampling of the study, and the activities of interviewers are attached to the permanent polling stations and carried out at the place of residence of voters. In the survey, the organizers plan to study the attitude of voters towards politics and of the frameworks of the current President, as well as to identify his supporters.

“We have collected information about potential payments for such actions in Khmelnytskyi, Ternopil, Dnipropetrovsk, Luhansk, Mykolaiv, Ivano-Frankivsk and other areas. The fees for the following: in Ternopil offer for this job is 1000 UAH per month; in the cities of Lutsk, Rozhyshche, Kamin-Kashyrskyi, Volyn region – UAH 1000 for the detection of 10 supporters of the candidate; in Mykolaiv – UAH 1,000 for a survey of 50-70 voters; in Pyatihatki of Dnipropetrovsk region – UAH 400 for one wave of the survey; in Ivano-Frankivsk – UAH 1000 for poll 60 voters; in Novopskov Raion, Luhansk region – UAH 500 50 questionnaires”, – said the speaker.

In this case the “SUPPORT” note that the current version of the Law of Ukraine “On elections of President of Ukraine” explicitly prohibits the conclusion of voters at the expense of the electoral Fund paid contracts for campaign (part 6 of article 64 of the Law). The legislation does not allow funding of costs of election campaigning not from the electoral Fund.

In the media and on the Internet also wrote about the creation of a network of propagandists who collect personal data of Ukrainians and receive a cash bonus (tariff is quite wide) for each facing of supporter power. And those famous questionnaire was also published on the Internet. And now it is time for law enforcement authorities to investigate and to dot the “I”.