With space ships, the ISS will remove the Ukrainian devices connections for media

С космических кораблей МКС уберут украинские приборы для стыковки - СМИ

New docking system for space ships with the ISS, developed by Russian specialists will be based solely on domestic decisions.

It is reported Life.ru.

Research Institute of precision instruments, a part of “Russian space systems”, at the end of 2018 completed the design and handed over fully to the customer domestic system docking of spacecraft with the ISS.

Testing new digital equipment “Course-MCP” for docking manned and cargo spacecraft to the Russian segment of the ISS has been successfully completed.

It is noted that a new instrument is much superior in terms of accuracy and energy efficiency equipment installed on the ISS today.

The system of “Course” consisting of active and passive systems, previously produced at the Kiev company “Elmis”.

Now Russian experts will produce all domestic digital system.

We will remind as reported the experts of NASA, the ISS was recorded unknown bacteria that are similar to earthly microorganisms of the genus Enterobacter. These bacteria have the form of sticks, they form the intestinal flora of humans and animals. It is noteworthy that the Enterobacter is able to bring some infectious diseases, e.g. inflammation of the bladder, kidneys, etc.

The bacteria themselves “settled” spacecraft in 2015. Just then one astronaut collecting samples near the toilet and in the sports hall of the station. In the space Agency assured that the bacteria can undermine the health of astronauts as completely adapted to life on Board the ISS. The probability of bad completion of certain missions is 79%.

We found only five strains, three of which are similar to Enterobacter. In the space of 112 genes bacteria similar to terrestrial microorganisms. These genes determine properties such as the contamination of living creatures, the progression of the disease and protection from drugs.

Bacteria can become resistant to drugs, scientists are now more details are studying the issue. So far, the microorganisms have no effect on the astronauts, so to beat anxiety before.