With leaky pipes and underheating of water we go to the degradation of the entire infrastructure of housing and communal services – expert

С дырявыми трубами и недогревом воды мы идем к деградации всей инфраструктуры ЖКХ - эксперт

The higher the rise in gas prices, the deeper we will come to a standstill.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the expert on energy issues Valentin Zemlyansky.

The increase in gas prices for the population will boost the growth of debt payments, said the expert.

“The debt will grow, will grow the volume of subsidies, that is, will have to the state. The gas tariffs for population planning in 2020 to reach parity with the industry – $ 500 per thousand cubic meters. Now September has set the rate for the industry from 13 thousand to 14 thousand UAH per cubic meter,” – said V. Zemlyansky.

According to experts, it is absolutely deadlock because, the higher will rise the tariffs, the deeper we will come to a standstill. And exit from there.

“We are going to degradation and the state of the system and the entire infrastructure of the network. The logic is that the centralized supply of services is from the public point of view, a higher priority and beneficial than offline. Environmentally, economically, and technically it should work in normal mode, not as we do – with leaky pipes and underheating of the water,” – said V. Zemlyansky.

The expert also added that Ukraine has so far not entered the European rules of control and accounting for volumes of gas. He explained that the European rules of accounting and control is a system of daily balancing. “Naftogaz” has already invested 100 million money in to the system daily accounting, daily balancing, but says about it that the gas companies are not ready. The regional gas companies, in turn, say they are spring ready, they introduced this system and ready to connect. While the company holds only the presentation.

“In fact, the system did not work and at best will work only in the spring. The national Commission had fined the company because they time this system is not introduced. The problem is that the monthly closing balance of “Naftogaz” can say that they have “lost gas”. And there have been such precedents, that is, has not signed the agreement between “Naftogaz” and CTV (utility companies), etc.” – said V. Zemlyansky.

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