With a speed of 100 km/h: owl crashed into a car and survived

Со скоростью 100 км/час: сова врезалась в автомобиль и выжила

In the US, an owl crashed into a car and survived.

It is reported ZOOбизнес.

The woman, who was riding on one of the highways of the state of Florida, noticed her flying towards the owl, however to avoid collision could not.

“I was driving at a speed of 100 km/h and seeing the owl in the last moment there was nothing I could do. I was very upset that knocked the bird. But it was already dark and I did not stop,” – says the motorist Sonji Williams.

The next day, passing neighbors noticed that under the grille of the SUV Sonji something moves.

Approaching the car, they saw feathered guest. The owl sat quietly and watched the scene around through the small gap of the lattice.

A few minutes into place there arrived security Service fishery resources and wildlife of the United States – its employees quickly released the bird.

To the surprise of the vet, the owl managed to avoid injury, and now her life is not in danger.

We will remind, in Kiev on the car “hero Park” dumped the urn.

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