Wife died one day after 70 years of a happy marriage (PHOTOS)

Супруги умерли в один день после 70 лет счастливого брака (ФОТО)

90-year-old Norma and 92-year-old Frances Platell from Australia were married 70 years and died in one day. It happened on the night of 6 January in a nursing home. In the last days and hours of life the couple were on adjacent beds, situated very close to to be able to hold hands.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

Супруги умерли в один день после 70 лет счастливого брака (ФОТО)

Of the deceased patients after bypass was discovered by the nurse. The doctor even failed to identify the exact difference in time of death of both spouses, so in their documents indicated the same information.

Edition of the Daily Mail writes that the Rule has been in a nursing home three years ago. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Francis to the last cared for his beloved, but, experiencing difficulties with feeding, bathing, and continually care for her, he had to ask for help to the professionals. Over the past year, the woman lost all vitality and almost stopped talking. Her last words were “my husband.”

Francis every day came to his wife, spent all her time possible. They ate together, watched TV on the small sofa in the break room all the time holding hands. The norm used to fall asleep on the shoulder of her husband.

After some time, deteriorated state of health and Francis. He was placed in the same nursing home where he lived with his wife. Since then and until the last day of his life, he was happy to care for his wife and just to be around.

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