Why physics warmed “microwave” the sky over Novgorod under the supervision of a Chinese satellite

 Зачем физики грели "микроволновкой" небо над Новгородом под присмотром китайского спутника

Scientists from Russia and China reported year experiment changing the properties of the ionosphere. Similar experiences often associated with the development of secret weapons, but then the military, apparently, was innocent.

This summer, located in the Nizhny Novgorod region complex “Sura” was used by the international physics to create a powerful (in the tens of megawatts — as consumes a small town) beam of radio waves which were sent to the upper layers of the atmosphere. Flying in this time over the European part of Russia Chinese scientific satellite was trying to fix caused by the radiation of the “Sura” changes — and, in fact, the capabilities of the satellite was the main purpose of the experience,reports TASS.

Nothing particularly interesting find, scientists could not. Informed about the Russian complex, wrote that the impact on the atmosphere can lead to all sorts of weather-related disasters and that the Russian physicists decided to follow in the footsteps of American scientists who have long worked with a similar setup even larger scale, HAARP. The last regularly accused of all the ills of mankind, including the earthquake of 2011 (the same that caused a tsunami across the Pacific and the nuclear accident in Fukushima) and a few tropical cyclones.

The ionosphere is part of Earth’s atmosphere, where a lot of ions, atoms or molecules with the “wrong” number of electrons is less than or more than. Electrons detach from the atoms and molecules under the action of ultraviolet, x-rays arriving from the Sun of protons — at the height of tens of kilometers all the above radiation abound.

The ionosphere, which is important, does not consist exclusively of ions (one ion there are millions of molecules!), and its structure is inhomogeneous: the physics of isolated layers with different composition and conditions of ionization. In addition, the height of the ionosphere falls into the area of the space, which is called space, all above a hundred miles. Ketabchi there to look at the black sky with their own eyes can officially be called an astronaut (in the U.S. for the title of astronaut can be limited to a mark of 85 km).

For modern civilization ionosphere is important because of its ability to reflect or pass the radio waves. This affects the communication quality, and the processes in the ionosphere (above, in the magnetic field of the planet) directly associated with magnetic storms. They are, contrary to popular belief, not very much affect the health of people, but can destroy electronic devices or even provoke accidents in electric networks.

To understand when and under what conditions it may disconnect the connection with the power supply — the question is not idle. In addition, knowledge about the structure of our atmosphere can be useful in some unexpected context. For example, electromagnetic bursts in the ionosphere was observed before the earthquakes, so it is no coincidence that the Chinese satellite is called the CSES China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite (Chinese seismo-electromagnetic satellite) — Geophysics hope to learn to better predict earthquakes in earthquake-prone zones.

The Aurora or its artificial analogues can disrupt radio communications, but does not cause earthquakes, floods, and especially such a cloud will not burn trapped inside an aircraft or missile.

Of course, the disturbance of the ionosphere can think of military applications. If you have near enemy has been complex and expensive complex, which consumes electricity about as a small town (or as the big military radars), then perhaps you can try to make the enemy problems with the radio.

On the application of knowledge about the ionosphere for military purposes rather expected of the Ministry of defence at the time when it was built and Sura and HAARP, but after both of these objects were transferred to civil organizations. And now HAARP has even ceased their work, together with the adjacent installation HIPAS.