Why can’t drink coffee on an empty stomach

 Почему нельзя пить кофе на пустой желудок

Many people strive to go in the morning with a Cup of coffee on an empty stomach, but sleep longer to not spend time on cooking Breakfast.

This approach to the morning meal believes in the wrong American Ayda Ersoy, consultant on nutrition and fitness coach. As the expert explains, caffeine increases the production of stomach acid. Usually this acid is in fact hydrochloric — helps the body digest food. But when it is produced on an empty stomach, it begins to “eat” its walls, gradually causing problems with the digestive tract, from heartburn to ulcers, reports the Rambler.

Ayda Ersoy also explains that sometimes women drink coffee on an empty stomach before training. According to them, it helps to cheer up and not to eat before exercise. If you keep doing it, the gastritis and ulcer inevitable, says consultant diet. According to her, in this case, the most harmful will be the instant coffee with sugar, and without it. It does not matter type of coffee: powder, freeze-dried or granulated. Natural ground coffee, the specialist says the most harmful grounds, in which high contents of aggressive for the digestive organs substances.

A member of the National Association of dietitians, the doctor Ludmila Denisenko explains that it is not limited only by harm to the stomach. His active work is the production of bile, which fills the empty duodenum — thus begins “eating” already this body.

This was confirmed by the chief doctor of the American hospital PushDoctor Adam Simon, claiming that a Cup of coffee on an empty stomach is a strong impetus to launch the digestive system. Dr. Simon also claims that coffee on an empty stomach increases the excretion of fluids from the body, which can lead to dehydration. In addition, with the fluid the body loses the b vitamins that play an important role in stress resistance of the person. And when you consider that coffee and prevents the absorption of such important substances as calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, the body irreparable damage, says Moscow the expert-the pharmacist Elena Apuhtina.

Therapist from Moscow Oleg Lotus adds to this overload of the heart muscle. But if drink with milk and added sugar, then there is an increased production of insulin, causing much suffering pancreas.

Coffee on an empty stomach causes mood swings, anxiety and even depression. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Yokohama in Japan. According to them, caffeine on an empty stomach prevents the production of serotonin — the happy hormone, increases the level of cortisol — a stress hormone and at the same time delays the production of gamma-aminobutyric acid, which plays a significant role in reducing stress and calms the nervous system. By the way, according to them, the decaffeinated coffee has a similar effect. In this connection, a certified nutritionist Leslie Langevin offers to drink coffee only in the morning after a good Breakfast.

Australian scientists from the Queensland empirically proved that coffee blunts hunger. This did not fail to take advantage of want to lose weight, but along with weight loss acquired a big problem with the stomach.

The benefits of coffee proven and, as a rule, has long been not disputed. However, the drink to confirm their good reputation and not annoy harm to the body, you must drink it at the optimal time.Nutritionists refer to it in the morning between 10 to 11 o’clock, dining — noon to 14 and in the evening from 17 to 18 hours. And in any case not on an empty stomach. Best 20-30 minutes after eating.