“Whose Crimea? Who are you waiting here?” Taxi driver in Minsk forced to remove the “St. George ribbon”

«Чей Крым? Ты кого здесь ждешь?» Таксиста в Минске заставили снять «георгиевскую ленту»

In the capital of Belarus there was a pretty intense conversation between two people. The man started to ask the taxi driver about the situation with Ukraine, and also drew attention to the “St. George ribbon” writes begemot.media.

The video begins with the fact that the statement talks about St Andrew’s tapes.

Possible that the taxi driver was somewhat wrong in their arguments, since the operator then asked the relevant question: “Where is Lenin?”

However, next came some profanity about the separatism associated with the ribbon.

The taxi driver offered to withdraw her statement, to which he agreed. In addition, the operator said the taxi driver about the “Russian world”, to which he gave a negative response, they say, he does not want the same in Minsk. However, after this the question was raised about whose really the Crimea. The taxi driver said that he did not know. This operator suggested to open the map in “Google”. However, the driver said he was on order.

The situation ended up that the taxi driver took off the ribbon though and throw it in the trash can, as requested by the operator.

Commentators have divided. Many did not like that the operator was harsh. However, there were those who sided with the operator fully and spoke in his favor.

«Чей Крым? Ты кого здесь ждешь?» Таксиста в Минске заставили снять «георгиевскую ленту»