Who voiced the main threat to humanity in 2019

В ВОЗ озвучили главные угрозы для человечества в 2019 году

On the website of the world organization has published an article that lists the 10 main problems associated with the various diseases and environmental, which directly affects the health.

On it informs portal news of the world.

At the moment in the air recorded a large number of toxic substances that may cause problems with the respiratory tract and the cardiovascular system.

From diabetes, cancer and heart disease die each year 70% of people, which is 41 million. The occurrence of these problems associated with Smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and poor diet.

22% of the total population of the planet is in danger because of the military conflict, drought, food shortage and migration of people carrying dangerous viruses. The experts also mentioned the reluctance of people to be vaccinated, which negates all attempts of the who to fight infectious outbreaks.

In 2019 a lot of people may suffer from the pandemic influenza, Ebola virus, HIV and dengue fever. To prevent this, who has developed a five-year plan to combat these diseases. Planned worldwide to improve medical care and hospital facilities.