White area (France 2) : that means the title of the series ?

Zone blanche (France 2) : que veut dire le titre de la série ?

While the season 2 of the white Area starts on Monday 11th February, Tv Entertainment returns to the significance of the surprising title of the series in the suspense of France 2.

There are more than a year and a half, the end of season 1 of white Area had left us on a cliffhanger huge, his heroine even so, laurène Weiss (Suliane Brahim), being shot several times. Would she survive ? The answer is yes, the staff of the Twin Peaks to the sauce, franco-belgian, be back in eight brand new episodes this Tuesday at 21h on France 2. We are two months after his miraculous resurrection, of full recovery and soon be at the heart of a new investigation into a series of murders. At the same time, even so, laurène Weiss will try to understand what happened to him twenty years earlier, while pollution is a threat to the environment. This is for the pitch of this season 2. But in fact, white Area, what does that mean ?

Those who follow the series know that : as a white Area, which has even received an award at the Festival de Luchon 2019 for her photography, takes place at Villefranche, an isolated village surrounded by nature, where the homicide rate skyrocketed. If you don’t know where is actually this village on the map of France, it is known, however, that it is not covered by the telephone network. It is therefore located in what we call a “white area” in the field of telecommunications.