Which know-how need to smart phones to be of interest to the consumer

Какие ноу-хау нужны смартфонам, чтобы заинтересовать потребителя

The market for smart phones for the first time in its history, showed a decline

Of all types of consumer electronics consumers are likely to often change smartphones. This is not surprising, because for the last 10-15 years the mobile phone industry has changed beyond recognition. And yet it grew steadily. But the celebration didn’t last forever.

Disappointing “harvest”

By the end of 2018 in the world has sold 1,498 billion phones, which is 4% lower than a year earlier, estimated the company Counterpoint Research. The researchers came to the conclusion that the industry has brought such developed markets as the USA, China and Western Europe.

The local buyers were in no hurry to part with their old gadgets. Negative dynamics are unable to break any attempts of the manufacturers. They were equipped with smartphones and artificial intelligence, and full-screen edge-to-edge displays. And embedded fingerprint scanners directly into the screen and increased the number of cameras. Nothing helped.

“Why didn’t sales grow? Because the manufacturers have nothing to offer new. The new iPhone is practically no different from the previous one. The same true with respect to Samsung,” commented to UBR.ua global trends founder and Director of Ukraine’s largest online store Rozetka, Vladislav Chechetkin.

According to him, manufacturers have reached such heights that can not offer anything revolutionary. “And people want it breakthrough. And this is a problem not only in smartphones,” — he stressed. Noting that “a lot of electronics are faced with the same difficulties.”

For example, the TV market is growing from year to year due to the fact that the drives appear larger for less money. “Of course, why would you buy a screen with a diagonal of 60 inches, if you had a 40-inch TV. The difference is significant, noticeable upgrade in every sense” — said the head Shot.

A few years ago, the smartphone market grew steadily. “First, because we changed the push-button phones to smartphones with touch screens,” explained Vladislav Chechetkin.

Secondly, if you travel back about four years ago, the models of 2014 and 2015 differed more significantly. The newest device was a faster processor, much better camera. Diagonal also grew — the first was four inches, then five, six and so on.

We are not in the trend

Trends in the smartphone market of our country did not meet the global. GfK Ukraine said that in the past year, compared with 2017 compatriots have bought 13% more “smart” phones. We are talking about a quantitative manner.

The thing in the rapid collapse of the hryvnia and a sharp decline in the purchasing power a few years ago. Because of that accumulated pent-up demand, the researchers noted.

After the adaptation of consumers to new conditions and a slight increase in their income smart phone market has become one of the fastest growing. However, as noted in the GfK Ukraine, a partial match with the dynamics of the world market was observed. The rate of growth of the Ukrainian market of smartphones has slowed considerably compared to previous periods. In 2017 they made up 21% relative to 2016.

Frugality is everything!

Over the past three years the leading manufacturers have steadily raised the prices of their flagships. And consumers were reluctant to change their tubes.

Researchers at the American HYLA Mobile has estimated that in 2018, the owners of smartphones used them without changing, much longer than ever before. If in 2016 the average tenure in the US was 2.38 years, in the 2017th he rose to 2.59 years. And last increased to 2.77 years. It is worth noting that in America the lion’s share of phones sell mobile operators. It is generally accepted that they provide grants and contracts for two years.

“When you buy an iPhone XS, then it is almost no different from the iPhone X. Why throw money away? The same thing with cheaper phones,” — said Vladislav Chechetkin. He repeatedly compared the models for 3 thousand UAH. who came to market with the difference of a year, and a special difference did not see.

What’s new

At the end of February 2019 Spanish Barcelona will again host the Mobile World Congress. And there’s expected to premiere the first smartphones with flexible screens. On the market there were rumors that Samsung might show the F — from the English foldable “fold”.

This year we can expect a “leaky” displays. That is, the screen will occupy the entire front side, but there will be a hole for the camera.

On the approach of the new “tubes” with support for the latest “fifth generation” of cellular communication. However, in Ukraine 5G in the next few years should be expected. Because 4G only appeared in the last year. So in 2020 about the new standard in our country can only be a dream.

Vladislav Chechetkin doubted the prospects of such a new form factor like a folding screen. “I do not understand why such a gadget. After all, the “clamshell” will be heavier and require another hand to control. Don’t see the point. If to speak about innovations, breakthroughs, that immediately raises the question of price. If there is something new, it will be much more expensive”, — expressed his opinion the head Shot.

Now he is “iPhone” the latest model, but is constantly changing phones, not getting stuck in iOS or Android. To be aware of the latest innovations on the market. Vladislav Chechetkin expressed a few wishes, what it lacks in modern smartphones. It would be nice to have the phone on a single charge worked three times longer than it is now.

“Although in fairness it should be noted that I very actively use it. But while travelling abroad, for example, battery capacity is enough. You’re less call, less use the Internet,” he said.

I would like a better camera than the one we have now. However, now for 8-10 thousand UAH. you can find the phone with a very decent photogrammetrically. “Not much worse than the super-expensive models of the iPhone or Samsung. While I understand that to build a much better camera in such a small device very difficult,” — declared the head of Ukraine’s largest online store.

All the rest of it — like many Ukrainians — are completely satisfied. And this is confirmed by the data of researchers from AppBrain. Who estimates that in Ukraine the most popular Android smartphones of Xiaomi and Samsung cheap.

Source: ubr.ua