Where are the police? Like a gang of teen thugs beat up passers-by near the shopping center of Kiev

А где полиция? Как банда подростков-отморозков избивает прохожих возле ТЦ Киева

Is there any justice on “onizhedetey”

From Kiev Ilona Silenko frostbitten group of teenagers left a few bruises and spat a fur coat. A woman witnessed the sensational beating under the SEC “Gulliver” – but in the end she has turned into a victim.

“Country” spoke to the girl who tried to intercede for his recall, was knocked down and beaten by a crowd of teenagers in the heart of Kiev. Later it became known that so entertained the young ultras “Dynamo”, which glorify Nazism.

Moreover, as found by the Country, this is not the first group of nationalists attacked passersby.

“He was lying and did not move”

“I was walking down the road and was talking on the phone, but stopped before going down into the subway. Passed by a man. He walked slowly, not running away from anyone. And here begins the confusion – runs out of the crowd and pounced on him, knocked to the ground and begin to beat hands and feet. There were both boys and girls. I understand that age are children, but they had beaten him, and he lay still. I started to shout: “Calm down!” and call the police,” says “Country”.

The time of the attack near the Mall Gulliver. Video: Kiev Operational

A few seconds for the initiative to help the man and got the Ilona – one of the girls in the red jacket began to strike, the others began to spit. Soon the aggressive crowd scattered in all directions. The beaten man is helped up by a passerby, and Ilona quick step rushed to metro, where he tried to escape the attackers.

“The company of the attackers stood on the platform, it was evident that they have fun. When I saw them, then began to shout: “Hold them!” and just at that moment it was a convenience, but the train arrived. Some Teens began to jump on the train, I tried to grab the girl who was attacked, but she pushed the guy. A man one was detained, and the station duty officer detained two other boys. So we came to the room of police in the subway” – the “Country” Ilona Silenko.

А где полиция? Как банда подростков-отморозков избивает прохожих возле ТЦ Киева

Teens, zaterjannye for the attack near the Mall “Gulliver”

Later, the community “Typical Kyiv” was published a video in which someone holds “educational conversation” with Teens – apparently it was those who had to take the subway. Unknown attackers take the oath nowhere to go and no one else to beat.

Although communication can be seen that lying on the snow Teens don’t get rattled – apparently, all it’s doing them good friends. That such a demonstration of “good will” trying to get the thugs (if they are) from the blow.

“Apologize for what the crowd came down on the men,” say the adolescents.

Not the first case in Kiev

The incident with Ilona, not the first. A gang of youths this month alone committed at least two attacks. In all cases the same composition of the instigators of the conflict.

“It happened in Ocean Plaza. Four girls with the banks Revo (Energetik. – approx. ed.) behaved defiant, rude and out “who you are”. We tried to find constructive, but it was pointless – and we turned friends toward the exit. Girl in a red jacket grabbed me by the hood, and in the “dust” we came to guard. Another of them is constantly someone called and said:”Now the boys with the arrows on the “Gulliver” will come here, and you’re all fucked up”. When police arrived, the street people had already gathered 15 of these boys and girls, I police said, “Go home. What we do with them? They are children,” – says “the Country,” the victim Elena (name changed).

“January 2, my husband witnessed the attack by these thugs on a man with a boy. The same person! And girls are the same. Before that they threatened the children in “Gulliver”, but the security of the Mall tried to take over the conflict zone “Gulliver”. Then they staged a mass brawl, the police were called. But the police comment that they are minors. And they do not” – said from Kiev Tatiana Pavlenko.

Despite the frequent calls of law enforcement officers, in the attack of the same teenagers, the police still can’t identify them. Although the power of social networking could do for a few hours.

“In Kiev investigated the circumstances of the fight. Now law enforcement officials are studying video from surveillance cameras to identify those who are recorded on photo and video. If anyone knows them, call 102”, – said the Kiev police.

“They’re children”

General photo of the juvenile gang composed of about 15 people has published “Kiev Operational”. Here were marked by their nicknames. In its composition the group has more guys, some of them hide their faces with Balaclava. And here stands out in the crowd red jacket according to the victims, this teenage girl was the instigator of the conflict.

А где полиция? Как банда подростков-отморозков избивает прохожих возле ТЦ Киева

Screenshot: instagram/kyivoperativ

According to information from social networks, the girl’s name is Lisa Kasatkina, live in Kiev region, but studying in the faculty of Humanities. More recently, Lisa was published on the video of the fight. Now the account is renamed and closed for viewing. In one of the stories Lisa tells how she and her friends had a conflict with a man she calls “the Deputy” – he allegedly put to her throat whether a knife or a ballpoint pen.

Video: “Country”

Interestingly, the number of friends Lisa has been a lot of supporters of Nazism. Most of it has already concealed its accounts, but saved the screenshots you can see that the guys hide their faces, some publish photos of physical violence. Some members of the “gang” is used on the Nazi greeting “Heil Hitler” in the digital short for “88”. Also along with this, use a figure of 1927 – the year of Foundation of the football club “Dynamo” and, more importantly, – 14, “sacred” number of white nationalism.

In the ranks of the “fighters” there are two sisters, Katya and Katya. According to friends, these girls are known for a complex character and not just put up a fight for any nonsense. Kate is Boxing, so the blow she delivered 100%.

А где полиция? Как банда подростков-отморозков избивает прохожих возле ТЦ Киева

А где полиция? Как банда подростков-отморозков избивает прохожих возле ТЦ Киева

Screenshot: instagram/14_raskol_88, penaltist

To provoke young fans ultras, according to the victims, every thing may not like the manner of human communication or appearance is the cause of the fight. In a video posted on a social network, seen as a crowd of teenagers is almost “wall to wall” started the confrontation because of the cap of one of the Teens – someone she did not like.

The children’s psychologist Natalia Preston says that such a surge of teenage aggression is not a new phenomenon and more is always formed by events that occur in the country.

“Now we are seeing a very large information identificatio. A huge selection of groups for the violence, in which teenagers are, they feed on it, and so the line that a man can suffer, for Teens dulled. Social and economic problems in the family, who have recently observed, also affect children. They are looking for their own kind and come together in groups,” says “Country” psychologist.

Even in the autumn session of the Verkhovna Rada adopted a bill in relation to moral and physical violence. In this paper, the MPs propose to penalize involved in violence in the amount of 340 to 850 UAH, in case of repeated incident – from 1700 to 3400 UAH. Although how effective can this practice of education is unknown. Because, for example, in the children’s camp “Azov” teenagers are violent is to shoot and kill.

Source: strana.ua