When Guillaume Canet rebukes a user… (PHOTO)

Quand Guillaume Canet rembarre une internaute... (PHOTO)

Proud of his work, Guillaume Canet has rembarré without state of soul, a surfer who was mocked on Instagram a photo from the filming of his next film, the name of the father.

Guillaume Canet is located in the same time in the Mayenne, in order to complete the filming of his next feature film entitled in The name of the father, which portrays a family of farmers. In order to share a little of his daily life as an actor with his fans, the actor posted a photo of himself dressed as a farmer and sit on a bale of straw. A cliché that does not really liked one of his subscribers who was eager to make him know by writing in the comments : “it is no dream”.

Visibly irritated by such a remark about her job, the husband of Marion Cotillard did not hesitate to take his keyboard to reply to this user… not to take lightly : “I have been to see your account… you can not say that this is the country of dream ! I dreamed of playing a farmer ! We just do not have the same priorities. It is all about ! Suddenly it is better that you stop following me you will be disappointed,” he writes, before concluding, “Good year!”

Amused by the response from their idol, many subscribers were keen to show him their support : ” Bravo ! It is well sent ! Proud of our farmers,” or “It is not a dream !?! Excuse me but studying his land and getting to grow vegetables, cereals, vines, fruits and then make it available to people so that they eat it, it’s an exciting job, sometimes very difficult, but these people are usually people who are rich in their hearts and sound mind ! Just the opposite of you first . And every day, madame, you eat thanks to its people!!! It is you who do ‘not to dream'”a-t-we could read in the comments.