What you need to register “EuroBLECH”

Что нужно для регистрации "евробляхи"

The SFS said

Owners of cars on foreign registration experience delays in registration due to the fact that they often simply lack the necessary documents.

This was reported on the page of the State fiscal service in Facebook, reports ubr.ua.

“Not all citizens for customs clearance of their cars with foreign registration are served in a timely manner the necessary documents from the customs control zones accumulated a significant number of such vehicles”, – stated in the message.

As told Deputy head of customs control organization Department of organization of customs control and clearance of GFS Elena Ando, as of December 18, due to the lack of a preliminary customs Declaration at checkpoints stood 230 cars (from them more than a week – 44).

Such a Declaration should apply to those citizens who enter Ukraine from abroad.

A citizen who enters into Ukraine and is planning to make this car into free circulation, must first submit preliminary customs Declaration, backed funds and only after that to pass from the checkpoint at the customs office of destination. If the previous customs Declaration, the citizen must stand and wait. For those vehicles that are already in Ukraine in the mode of temporary import or transit PD is not supplied, since it is necessary to submit the Declaration in the import mode, “says Ando.

In order to design a car that was imported into the mode of temporary import or transit, overseas travel is not required, but must submit to customs all required documents.

As of 9.00 on December 18, the zones of customs control customs offices throughout Ukraine was almost 5,5 thousand cars. More, almost 3 thousand is just not presented the Declaration for registration. A citizen calls in on the vehicle in the customs control zone and only then start to figure out what he needs to do, what to collect and submit the documents. A citizen must first investigate, and then to go“, said Ando.

Part of the declarations is not due to the fact that “euroshare” is simply not paid for the documents required by customs. Another part of the car in a foreign offer is not made, the owners had not removed the machine from the registration abroad. These cars are now 231.

November 8 the Verkhovna Rada adopted two laws that had a significant impact on drivers of cars on foreign rooms in Ukraine. They almost immediately dubbed a “carrot and stick”. If the deputies adopted the draft law No. 8487, focused mainly on changes in the excise duty rates in the customs clearance of cars, paper No. 8488 is designed to nip in the Bud the desire to bring into the country and use the car without paying taxes.

Что нужно для регистрации "евробляхи"