What happened to the winner of the “Star Factory” Alexei Matias: there were photos

What happened to the winner of the "Star Factory" Alexei Matias: there were photos
What happened to the winner of the “Star Factory” Alexei Matias: there were photos
In the Ukrainian show business there were a lot of talented performers, but not everyone managed to stay in the audience for a long time and keep popularity. Despite this, many Ukrainians still remember the curly participant of “Star Factory 3” Alexei Matias, who became famous for the magnificent performance of Michael Jackson’s hits in this talent show. However, now he completely disappeared from the field of vision.

Site Today. Lifestyle decided to find out what the guy is living now and how his destiny has developed.

The real name of the performer is Alexei Sachenok, but Matias is a stage name. He was born on December 4, 1988 in Kiev. In 2011, he graduated from the Kiev National University of Trade and Economics. Soon after that, Alex seriously thought about his career in the creative field and decides to take part in the project “Star Factory 3”, where he takes second place. It is interesting that during the qualifying rounds Konstantin Meladze never doubted the talent and capabilities of Alexei Sachenko, who was not known to anyone. After that, he also took part in the “Star Factory Superfinal”, where he successfully won.

Failure at the Eurovision Song Contest

In 2010, Matias tried his luck at the Eurovision selection, where he took third place, that is, he could not go to the competition to represent Ukraine (Alyosha went with the song Sweet People and took 10th place). Although he managed to show off at the Eurovision Song Contest, in 2012 and 2013 he announced scores from Ukrainian viewers.

Emigration to the USA
In 2014, the press wrote that Mathias moved to live in Los Angeles, USA. However, this decision of the artist is difficult to call successful. We managed to find Alex accounts in social networks. The last entry on his Facebook page was made on December 28, 2016. The singer placed pictures taken during a photo shoot for a fashion magazine. But on Twitter, the artist did not appear even longer. The latest actions were seen in 2015, he posted a link to the video of Michael Jackson, the recording is now unavailable due to numerous copyright infringements. In the news line, you can also see links to the video already by Alexei Matias himself – he shot a cover version of the hits of the band Hurts (Wonderful life) and Scriabin (Spi sobi sama). On You Tube videos scored relatively few views – five and 11 thousand respectively.

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