What do we know about Nastia Ivleva – the main girl of the Russian Internet

What do we know about Nastia Ivleva - the main girl of the Russian Internet
What do we know about Nastia Ivleva – the main girl of the Russian Internet
One of the most popular bloggers in our country (11.5 million followers for two accounts in Instagram), 27-year-old Nastya Ivleeva, is an open man. She willingly communicates with journalists and does not do secrets from her personal life with seven seals. What is one of her interviews with Yuri Dudu? It, by the way, has broken all records on views – 12,8 million for a week, and this number continues to grow in a geometrical progression (even the mysterious rapper Fejs nervously smokes on the sidelines).

Girl from the Northern capital

Nastya was born and grew up in the Leningrad region (the city of Vsevolozhsk). After graduation Ivleva entered the University in the faculty of advertising and public relations. The times for the young Nastya were not simple: in an interview with Yuri Dudyu, she remembered how she ate Snickers, and sometimes she did not have enough money for a tram. In order to earn some money, she got a job as a manicure master in Vsevolozhsk, and at 21 she became a hostess in one of the best nightclubs in Laque.

It was a great period in my life – five years. I worked in the coolest pathos club. He even was without a sign, there came all the “fat” – both Moscow and foreign. Earned then 100 thousand rubles a month. It was very much for that time: 2012-2013.
At first, Nastya was happy with everything-good tips, an opportunity to establish connections among influential people.

At first I was kayfovala. This is easy money and some importance among the rich and wealthy. The moment when you decide who will sit at a steep table, and who will not! I met very serious people. And this availability of money, connections, alcohol and night hangouts relaxed me.

However, soon Ivleeva began to understand that she had no prospects in this area. I even intended to start my own business – to open small shoe shops. Actually, money for “small business” (one million rubles) was donated to her by one of the customers of the same club.

There was a time when I decided that I had to change my life, I was already 23 years old. The club had a huge number of businessmen who rested. And I was not a hostess who wanted to get married and find myself a rich man-I never liked it. I was adored by many adult dads, but I always positioned myself as a person. So, I came up with the idea to start a business – to open a stall for shoe repair. I thought I’d put some Tajik there to repair the shoes. Where can I get money? So at me in club 80 percent of walking wallets! There was one friend, he treated me very warmly. I approached him and said: “Dear friend, I have a business proposal for you, if you are interested, we can discuss.” He said: “Let’s come to my office.”

Already the next day she was brought in cash a million rubles. True, Nastya decided to use the means a little differently … and, as she herself put it, – walked.

In 2015, Nastya moved to Moscow. She did not have time to look for a job – she had to pay a rented apartment, so Ivleeva immediately got a hostess in a restaurant. Two months after the move, she entered the Ostankino television school and started working at the auto show to pay for her studies. Nastya admitted that this work was not easy for her.

I hate the schedule from nine in the morning until six in the evening, for me it’s death. But I understood: in order to achieve my goals, I need to endure. The office for me is a cage, hell, a test and the most miserable schedule on the planet. I tried to live an office life with a salary of 25 thousand a month. The schedule in three weeks began to enrage me wildly, and money terribly did not suffice! As if there is nothing wrong with this, but only when the work is a buzz. And here it was stupid for the dough.

Nastia’s friends advised her to start her own blog – it would be easier to get a job on television. Then Ivleeva took off her first humorous short video, in which she sits in a cafe and drinks from a large glass at once from two tubes. The girl’s account (@agentgirl) with a fine sense of humor and spectacular appearance quickly gained popularity. She began to record short videos – Vainas – to make videos with other well-known bloggers: Eldar Jaharov, Ida Galich and Margarita Dearzh. She admitted that she had been invited to participate in various projects before, but she refused to everyone because of her self-doubt.

I used to socialize in different social networks in search of interesting castings, but almost never came to them, because I was very shy. It’s true! I was an avid lover myself to underestimate.

Anastasia made her debut with the transfer “Everything is possible!” on the TV channel “Yu” (she was a member of the jury). The reality show was devoted to the joint life of several video bloggers in a multi-room house, where they improved in their craftsmanship. Soon Nastya began to offer shooting: so the girl appeared in the video “Beeline”, decorated the cover of the men’s magazine Maxim, and in the spring of 2017, on the eve of her 26th birthday, a turning point took place in her career – Ivleeva became the new leading show “The Eagle and Tails.” “on the channel” Friday! “.

In an interview, the girl confessed that her parents were shocked when she told them the news, because they believed that their daughter was engaged in “some kind of nonsense.” By the way, “nonsense” brought the blogger a lot of money – one advertising post in Instagram Ivleva cost from 900 thousand to 1.2 million rubles.

At the end of September of the same year Anastasia Ivleeva together with Ida Galich led the red carpet at the fifth ceremony of presenting the Real MusicBox-2017, and in 2018 she was the co-host of the music award of MUZ-TV (replacing Lerou Kudriavtseva in this post).

On July 25, Ivleva launched her own show on YouTube called “Agent-show.” The guest of the first issue was former colleague Ivleeva on “Eagle and the Ridge” Regina Todorenko. The girl says that she does not want to be a part of mainstream show business in Russia. She started her own show with the studio, extras, correspondents and star guests with her own money, investing two million rubles in two filming days and filmed six issues during this time.

Ivleva – a producer to herself, did not attract investments from outside and expects return on advertising. According to her, there are already offers. However, after the sensational interview, Yuri Dudyu certainly offers more … Recall Ivleeva became the second representative of the fair sex after Ksenia Sobchak, which the journalist invited to his program. By the way, many users of the network learned about Nastya only thanks to the program:

It turns out that Nastia Ivleeva is the main girl of the Russian Internet. And I do not even have the faintest idea who it is.

Most of the hourly interview, Dud asked the guest about sex – her former partners, the ideal size of the penis, sex toys and cunnilingus.

Just someone knows how to do it, but someone does not. Here, I think that the work of two is important. When people say where they like, where they do not like. Just girls are such creatures – they are afraid of offending the boy, you know.

This is where the most interesting thing began. Users of the network (especially the male half) found Ivleva’s statement too frank and began trolling her lover, Elgeya.

Eljey and Nastya Ivleeva
Eljey and Nastya Ivleeva

This is Russia, here do not understand kuni. And if they do, they do not say anything, they keep a terrible secret.

Plastic surgery

Blogger admits that he treats to plastic surgery calmly. She is sure that a competent beauty transformation gives people the opportunity to be more beautiful and feel more valuable. Many suspect that Nastia enlarged her breasts and lips, and also made rhinoplasty, but she assures me that she only slightly “corrected” the smile-she put the veneers.

In 2015, Nastia Ivleeva began to meet with Arseniy Borodin, a singer and musician, a soloist of the Chelsea group, a graduate of the sixth Star Factory. The young man even invited his lover to appear in his candid video for the song “Native.” In October 2017, the couple broke up, but Nastya did not grieve for a long time – she began to build relationships with singer Oleg Miami – apparently, the feelings started while working on Oleg’s clip “If you’re with me.”

However, this union also ordered a long life, ladies’ women began to notice more often in the company of Olga Seryabkina, on the basis of which the fans concluded that Miami Nastya does not have anything to do with it.

In the summer there were rumors that Ivleeva was meeting with rapper Elgey. As it turned out, they met at the concert of the singer. Eljey took it for the cover of his new album, and Nastya made a tattoo with the number “360”, dedicated to her beloved.

He’s a great person. I like how he works, that he writes all the songs himself, likes it as an artist, that he is inspired by his own life. And it’s all fair. He has an image, he knows how to make a product and sell it. I look at it, and it all motivates me insanely, I admire. Not many can. 80% of our artists work for a copy.
Now her name is on everyone’s lips – she is removed for the covers of magazines (only for the last month she decorated herself with the pages of Cosmopolitan and Maxim). The star still shoots funny movies that are very popular and collect an incredible number of likes, comments and reposts. And of course, the tattooed blonde continues to discover all the new countries, wandering around the world with a group of operators of the program “Eagle and tails: reboot.” We are confident that this is the talent of Ivleva not exhausted, and Nastya will even more surprise us with her successes.

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