“We need a third revolution”: Vakarchuk revealed his purpose in politics

«Нужна третья революция»: Вакарчук раскрыл свою цель в политике

But the revolution in the minds

Svyatoslav Vakarchuk said that a new revolution in Ukraine.

The leader of the popular musical group “Okean Elzy” and a former MP (2007-2008) said in an interview with journalist Sonia Koshkina, reports politeka.net.

According to him, Ukraine needs a revolution in the minds of its citizens. While Vakarchuk did not explain exactly what he has in mind.

“We now need a third revolution, but a revolution in the minds. This is one of the biggest needs I see for myself. This purpose and mission I feel. To make faster has been a revolution in our heads. And in the minds of new politicians, and in the minds of voters, ” — said the musician.

«Нужна третья революция»: Вакарчук раскрыл свою цель в политике

He also said that after he left Parliament, there have been many good changes since in the Parliament there are more “people of the future.”

Vakarchuk said that he was not satisfied with the speed of change, accusing the “old class of politicians, the political culture which does not allow us to move faster.”