We are from EU countries invested more in Ukraine

Стало известно, какая из стран ЕС больше всего инвестировала в Украину

Direct foreign investment in Ukraine for 9 months of 2018 was 333,8 million dollars.

This is evidenced by the state statistics Committee of Ukraine.

“Direct investment in the Ukrainian economy (including the capital stock and debt instruments) as of October 1, 2018 was 40 345,9 million $ 333,8 million dollars more than at the beginning of the year,” according to the data.

The total volume of direct foreign investments (equity and debt instruments) as of January 1, was 40 012,1 million dollars.

According to the statistical Agency, most investments for 9 months was received from Germany is 141.8 million$, UK — 103.5 million dollars, the Netherlands — 57,7 million dollars.

As of 1 October the EU are the largest investors in the Ukrainian economy, they invested 24 544,5 million dollars, including Cyprus — 8 919,7 million dollars, the Netherlands — 6 452,7 million dollars, United Kingdom — 2 047,9 million dollars, Germany — 1 824,7 million dollars, Austria — 1 018,8 million dollars.

Meanwhile, Ukraine by 2025 can turn into a gas state.

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