“Washed away the sins”: half-naked Volochkova with an axe plunged into the ice bath

"Смыла грехи": полуголая Волочкова с топором окунулась в ледяную купель

Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova posted a Instagram video of his Epiphany bathing.

Dancer at the camera plunged into a wooden tub with ice water.

“Plunge into the ice in Epiphany. And it does not freeze. Will keep me warm and hot kiss to a loved one. It was very very cold filming this video,” signed movie Volochkova.

Subscriber Volochkova, however, did not appreciate the video – in their opinion, the ballerina was unsuitable for Epiphany bathing suit. In addition, Volochkova showed his “brand” banner, which seemed to the fans of the ballerina inappropriate. Some spoke about the “male” figure Volochkova.

The following year, invite priests from the former gymnasts or dancers. Twines in unison around the hole , it will be the HYIP of the Millennium.

Boob POPs out … keep …

Why show such far from ideal figure, it is as real as a man, the broadest shoulders , the pelvis is very narrow

stop podmahivat, write the commentators.