Was listening to standing: At a hockey game messed up the anthem of Belarus with the legendary hit “Pesnyary” (VIDEO)

Слушали стоя: На хоккейном матче перепутали гимн Беларуси с легендарным хитом «Песняров» (ВИДЕО)

Before a hockey match between Norway and Belarus had a curiosity: the organizers of the tournament MECA Hockey Games in Herensuge is the anthem of the Republic of Belarus included “CAS Yas konyushinu” is an energetic modern version of the hit VIA “Pesnyary”.

This writes the resource tut.by.

While the Norwegian fans as a sign of respect to the sport of the enemy stood and listened to the track standing, considering that this is the national anthem of Belarus.

After the completion of the match, the organizers apologized to the Belarusian delegation.

Norway won with the score 6:1. The Belarusians then vented its anger on Hungary, deklassieren them in the final match with the score 8:1.

Also, earlier it was reported that the Belarusian Grodno crossing the road she did not miss a passing motorcade of President Alexander Lukashenko.

The footage, shot by the Registrar of a passing car, it was evident that the pedestrian crosses the road in front of a column of cars with spetssignalami.