Want to push Belarus to Russia! What he was talking about the rebels against Putin, Lukashenko

Хотят впихнуть Беларусь в Россию! О чем говорил восставший против Путина Лукашенко

Friday, 14 December, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko gave a press-conference the representatives of the Russian media, where he answered questions about the takeover of Russia and relations with Ukraine.

The event was held at the Minsk Palace of Independence in the presence of more than 80 journalists, experts and bloggers, reports “Interfax Belarus”. The President touched on the topic of Union of integration with Russia.

According to Lukashenko, the interaction of Russians and Belarusians continues and he hopes to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At the same time, he noted, Belarus and Russia have always found a compromise in even the most complex issues. “These are the working moments. In relations between our countries haven’t had situations where we would not find a compromise, “—said Lukashenko.

He spoke about the so-called Union “Schengen”. “I think it’s not a problem to be — the signing of this agreement. Moreover, the Ministry of foreign Affairs informs me that it takes into account all the wishes of Belarusians and Russians,” — said Lukashenko.

The Belarusian leader also denied allegations that Russia is “feeding” Minsk. “Some have even estimated that since independence, we as much as $100 billion off. Nonsense!” — he assured.

As it turned out, in relations with Russia is not so smooth. In particular, Lukashenka stated, the decision of the Russian leadership to violate their agreement. “We demand that Russia create equal conditions for economic entities!” — he put it.

Thus, in his words, despite integration problems, in spiritual terms, the split of Belarusians impossible. “Will never be in Belarus, as in Ukraine. Never“—summed up the President.

While Lukashenka mentioned about the fact that Ukraine has allegedly rejected his sensible suggestions. “I was ready as the guard be on the border, given that I was normal Russian people are Ukrainians, elections were hold under the Minsk agreement. But I was rejected!”, — he spoke.

In addition, the Belarusian President has urged Moscow not to blackmail Minsk, and to act according to the agreement. “Blackmail Belarus, tilt, become a knee on his chest, useless!” — he assured.

Lukashenko also suspected the Russian government of trying to join Belarus. “I understand these hints: get oil, but let’s destroy the country and join Russia. Some straight talk — we’re ready for you to six regions became part of the Russian Federation!”— he said.

On the question whether Belarus become part of Russia, Lukashenka categorically said: “If we want to divide by region and return to Russia that will never happen. Sovereignty for us is Holy.”

Representatives of the Russian media, he was accused of distributing fake and explained, not apologized to Putin at the summit in St. Petersburg. “There’s such a mess was. We all apologized to each other. And you gave it, like, after the altercation I asked for forgiveness from the President of the Russian Federation. I would beneath his dignity decided to apologize for it”, — Lukashenka said.