Volochkova’s birthday party: the most vulgar twines scandalous ballerina

Волочкова празднует день рождения: самые пошлые шпагаты скандальной балерины

Scandalous Russian ballet dancer, actress and socialite Anastasia Volochkova celebrates his birthday. Sunday, January 20, she was 43 years old.

Volochkova – eminent figure in Russian show business and famous throughout the former Soviet Union. Currently, Anastasia has quite the scandalous image, and associate the audience with outrageous antics and their “brand” twines. OBOZREVATEL offers to remember the most vulgar splits, which “delighted” the audience with the dancer during 2018.

Anastasia Volochkova – lover to demonstrate his stretching regardless of where it is. Often the artist appears in a pose of twine in a very explicit images, particularly in a tiny bikini that barely cover her private parts.

Sometimes controversial ballerina posing completely Nude than infuriating many millions of its subscribers in Instagram.