Vladimir Zelensky was at the center of the fake scandal involved Lyashko: “kneel”

Владимир Зеленский оказался в центре фейкового скандала, замешан Ляшко: «Станем на колени»

The Internet thundered fake scandal in which was involved the Ukrainian showman and TV presenter Vladimir Zelensky.

This writes the Politek.

The relevant post was posted in one of the local groups of his political strength.

“Someone criticizes Zelensky intent “to kneel” for his country. Photo historical example of Willie Brandt – Chancellor of Germany. He did it for his nation”, — is spoken in the message.

Note that this post was a fake, as reported by the members of the team.

“600 bots, 50 the deceived Ukrainian people’s Deputy responded to another dirty fake. We believe that the number of lies have not poured on the candidate. We are afraid of. But nothing will help”, — underlined in the message.

However, it managed to comment on the controversial Ukrainian MP Oleg Lyashko.

“The German Chancellor was on his knees, apologizing for the crimes of the Nazis. What crimes did the Ukrainians to be the focus on his knees in front of Putin? So can only do the traitors,” said he.

We emphasize that the words of the policy became the reason of a caustic ridicule from users of the network.

“I’m sorry, but you, too, knelt. Not to Putin, but.. Okay, keep quiet about the intimate”, “let us kneel down. Scaminaci in Cuba”, “Oleg Valeryevich, your comment looks better than the post,” they write.