Vilkul “representation” of the GPU against him: the Presidential campaign began. Started with Stripping the opposition field

Вилкул о «представлении» ГПУ против него: Президентская кампания началась. Началась с зачистки оппозиционного поля

One of the opposition leaders Alexander Vilkul called the idea of the GPU on the lifting of parliamentary immunity another attempt of the authorities to exert pressure and to limit his political activity before the election.

On his Facebook page, opposition leader wrote:

“The presidential campaign began.

Started with Stripping the opposition of the field.

The government tries to push a fake “padania” against me.

For the first time, the GPU did not even bother to provide legal justification for their absurd accusations.

As a result, the last time the procedural Committee of the Verkhovna Rada simply returned the GPU to its so-called “padania”. Sachsgate Lutsenko makes a second attempt — the same ridiculous and unfounded. And clearly politically motivated”.

Vilkul stressed that, as before, he did not consider himself guilty. “All of whom were something to fear, four years ago left Ukraine. These same four years, the government studied under a microscope to my work, checked each of my signature and found nothing except some document for 2011. The logic is clear: started the campaign and such repressive actions of the government trying to clean up from the uncomfortable opposition of competitors, from those who are able to give them real competition and to win,” he said.

The MP wrote that he views the actions of the GPU as selective justice and as an attempt to limit his political activities.

“Chasing after me and, most importantly, my family and friends, the government wants to put an end to convict her of the crime, corruption schemes, genocidal reforms. But they did not succeed. I feel the support and understanding that we are on the right track. And prosecution by the authorities only strengthen me in the correctness of my actions. We are the majority and we will win!” – summed up the politician.

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