Vika from “NONANGEL” told why she was joked at school

Vika from "NONANGEL" told why she was joked at school
Vika from “NONANGEL” told why she was joked at school
Behind the scenes of the festive show “Happy People’s Day, Ukraine!” Vika from the group “NANGELS” confessed, for which she was joked about in her childhood.

It often happens that the future stars have to endure a difficult childhood. Did not pass over the school “teasers” and the soloist of the group “NONANGELA” Viku.

According to the girl, she herself was not a “gift”, and often because of a peculiar disagreement there were disagreements with peers.

“I was very mocked when I was a child, I had the surname of Smeyukha, and somehow we quarreled with girlfriends, there was some kind of discord between us, and they persuaded high school students to distort my name -” snake, snake. “I walk along the corridor, and on all sides I hear this “snake” … I was very angry, “- said Victoria Smeyukha behind the scenes of the show” Happy People’s Day, Ukraine! “.

In addition, already at school Vika had very different interests and priorities. And this, of course, is also not always liked by peers.

“While classmates used to go with beer and a cigarette, I went in for sports – I wanted to have a perfect figure.” I even had a picture of the top model above my bed, I liked it, I remember that she even had the same hair as mine. to achieve the same result, a beautiful press, and I worked hard on the figure.It was then that I had a particularly strong desire for sport, “Vika shared in an exclusive interview with the channel” Ukraine “.

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