Viennese astrologer told what year expect major presidential candidates

Венский астролог рассказал какой год ожидает основных кандидатов в президенты

Vienna is considered one of the capitals of astrology in Europe (photo Vienna’s famous Astronomical clock)

The result of the upcoming presidential elections in Ukraine today are poorly projected. Not surprisingly, last week increased interest to specialists who deal with the metaphysics that defies logical explanation and scientific conclusions. Someone wants to know the future out of curiosity, someone important to make right decision in the presidential campaign, not to be out in the cold or in exile. But the Ukrainian astrologers, for the most part, too biased, and not always rely on their predictions. The Realist decided to satisfy the curiosity of readers in one of the astrological capitals of the world — Vienna. Writes about this in the detailed material edition a Realist, addressed to Dr. Alexander von Kaltenberg.

Speaking about the trends of major candidates on a post of the Ukrainian President, doctor of astrology, noted that the whole year is very favorable for Yulia Tymoshenko and she has all the chances to win the election – this is indicated by Jupiter in the 12th house. But it needs to be careful: mercury in the ascendant is in the sign of Aries is under the sign Ukraine held two rounds of presidential elections. It means dishonesty, lies, hypocrisy. In other words, Tymoshenko’s victory may attempt to steal by deception.

In the new year Poroshenko will pay more attention to the family, their own health. You may have to change the usual place of residence. This productive period for the creative mind and people working in the field of art, but absolutely counterproductive for politicians and businessmen. The presence of mercury in accendete speaks of the great deception, but the mercury is replaced by Mars when changing the cycle of the zodiac Aries Taurus, which coincides with the second round of presidential elections. The bloodshed is not excluded, but the chance to prevent such a development, still exists.

According to Dr. von Kaltenberg, stars develop positive for Zelensky in October.

Looking at the horoscope, Yuri, Boko, Dr. von Kaltenberg said, “this man, this year nothing much happens. Too much of a fuss. A slight activity it will be during spring and autumn, but even in the fall, he has no chance on even the slightest success.”Apparently, Yuriy Boyko is an illustration of the Latin saying “Sic transit Gloria mundi” which means “thus passes the glory of man.”

Vilkul very good horoscope, indicating that his star time, unlike many other candidates, will begin only after the presidential election. Perhaps the fall Vilkul can get the highest seat in the Executive or legislative power — under the new President and new Parliament. Austrian astrologer sees in Vilkul great prospect for the future: “He’s young, and he has all the chances in high positions. It will happen for this year.”