Victor Medvedchuk: the Cancellation of a Large contract and the introduction of a visa regime with Russia will hurt the citizens of Ukraine

Виктор Медведчук: Отмена Большого договора и введение визового режима с РФ ударит, прежде всего, по гражданам Украины

Attempts by the Ukrainian government to denounce or cancel a Big contract and to introduce a visa regime with Russia will strike primarily at the 3-4 million Ukrainian citizens, who for lack of work in Ukraine are forced to go to work in a neighboring state.

This was stated by a member of the party “For Life”, the leader of the Public movement “the Ukrainian choice – the Right of the people” Viktor Medvedchuk in an interview with NewsOne.

According to the politician, these actions — links in a chain, anti-Russian hysteria and radical Russophobia.

“This chain I have already mentioned at the beginning of our program is anti-Russian hysteria and radical Russophobia. I personally appreciate it that way. Add to this a benefit for Ukraine? I am sure that for the interests of Ukrainian citizens, it will not add. Please note, I’m not talking about the state of Ukraine, and about Ukrainian citizens. Why? Because this Agreement involves not only commitments to the territorial integrity of Ukraine, which as I can see, have been violated, including the same Russia. But they also guarantee the safety and security of our citizens on the territory of Russia, and there are people constantly 3 to 4 million annually, and that there looking for work, as I said, the fault of the government, which they employ here in our country”, — said Viktor Medvedchuk.

Big break the contract, which, according to experts in international Affairs, is the basis of the 400 agreements under international law with the participation of Ukraine and Russia, will mean so much, I am sure the leader of “Ukrainian choice”.

“There is a reference to this Agreement, there are commitments that need to perform one and second side. Today, this PR stunt (and I see it differently I can not name), [shall — Ed.] under the presidential election campaign. But if it were not today the presidential election campaign, if today, the country lived in peace, without political upheaval that take place as one, and the election campaign, I think that this issue was not raised. But what we do, we damage first and foremost citizens of Ukraine, and the damage is very serious,” — summed up Viktor Medvedchuk.

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