Very effective: the scientists told about the unique diet

Очень эффективно: ученые рассказали об уникальной диете

How to get rid of 2 – 5 kg

Eggs are one of the main sources of animal protein, and in combination with certain foods can help to reduce weight.

As reported, nutritionists suggest to everyone to quickly get rid of 2 – 5 kg to consider egg diet, which is very tasty and effective. The main product of this diet are eggs, auxiliary, oranges and grapefruits.

The diet can last from 3 to 5 days, but no more. Advantages of the egg diet are many: from the body out excess water, losing weight, eggs are quickly absorbed, the body gets the essential nutrients but people are not starving. Throughout the day you can drink only water, and herbal and black tea without sugar.

Every day can eat 4 eggs, they can boil or fry. Throughout the day you can also eat 1 orange or 1 grapefruit. Such a diet provides for a three-day diet. If you’re going to lose weight in 5 days, number of eggs per day can be increased to 6. Eggs can salt. They can only be seasoned with herbs.