Ventilation and light workouts will help to increase the efficiency expert

Проветривания и легкие разминки помогут повысить работоспособность - эксперт

After long holidays to sit through a full day at the table quite difficult, so try to take breaks and stretch and also to ventilate the room at least once per hour for 5 minutes.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

In any weather doctors advise to ventilate the working area. First, the oxygen saturates the tissues of the body and helps the brain to function faster, and second, cold air kills the bacteria.

Previously, scientists from the state University of new York published the results of his study, which argued that high levels of carbon dioxide in offices and classrooms directly affects your concentration and ability to make decisions. That is, nothing strange in the fact that many office workers after lunch literally nod off there. What is the main source of carbon dioxide in a confined space is the people. Experts have found that the concentration of carbon dioxide in office buildings, especially in the meeting rooms, where going to a lot of people are simply off the charts. People just can’t breathe! Because many people start to fall asleep in the meetings.

“At least once per hour, exit the room and open all the Windows wide open, setting up a draft.

And yet, almost all office workers eventually begin to complain of back pain and poor posture. So don’t forget to do warm up exercises in the workplace. Of course, not everyone can afford to swing a press at work but go to the toilet and a couple of times to stretch my hands up (and stay in this position, standing on toes with arms raised, for a couple of minutes) because you can or walk a couple of floors? It’s simple, but very effective”, – says the doctor.