Vaccination against influenza: prevention and hidden danger

Вакцинация от гриппа: надежная профилактика и скрытая опасность

Vaccination – effective way to protect yourself and your family from the flu and even vaccination does not give 100% guarantee, the best protection from viruses humanity has not invented.

The flu is on the way

In recent years about the benefits of vaccination actively tell the representatives of the Ministry of health, doctors and experts, calling on citizens not to be afraid of shots and go for them with the whole family that will not only protect loved ones, but also to reduce the likelihood of an epidemic in the country. However, society has developed a quite ambiguous relationship to vaccination – a few tragic cases, and distributed through social networks and some media horror stories about the low quality of vaccines and the terrible consequences of the procedure played a role.

In the prevention of influenza should not waste a single minute because, according to the health Ministry, the beginning of the epidemic “scheduled” for October 2018. The Agency reported that citizens at their own expense to purchase a vaccine against the flu in pharmacies of your city now.

In the current season, according to forecasts of experts, we are waiting for basically three strains that are circulating in the Ukrainian regions until at least mid-spring:

– a virus similar to A/Michigan/45/2015 (H1N1) pdm09 (“Michigan”);
– a virus similar to A/Singapore/INFIMH-16-0019/2016 (H3N2) (“Singapore”);
virus – similar to B/Colorado/06/2017 (“Colorado”).

Accordingly, in the current season is expected to have three flu vaccines. Currently registered in Ukraine only one, the second drug is almost completed the process to the specialized expertise of the registration and will soon be available to the third vaccine are pending in Gosexpertisa center.

The Ministry once again remind that vaccination can prevent severe complications from flu and to reduce the incidence.

Effective protection

“Today, vaccination is the best prevention of viral diseases. A flu shot is recommended every year, starting with the onset of fall and before the start of the season. If the flu shot decided the majority of the population of a region, the epidemic itself could have been avoided, but unfortunately, many ignore such protections, and someone is openly afraid of them.

Of course, vaccination is not a panacea for all ailments. But depending on the choice of the vaccine the effectiveness of this protection will range from 70-80%, and this will agree, is already done. Buy vaccines in specialized medical institutions and at the pharmacy,” says the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

To be vaccinated during epidemics when the virus is already walking through the cities, makes no sense, since the body has no time to form protective barriers, says the doctor. So if you’ve decided to get vaccinated, then it is time to contact a specialized medical center.

The vaccine significantly reduces the risk of infection with flu and, even if you manage to get sick, the illness will pass in a very mild form, says an expert. But the most important is vaccination almost eliminates the risk of complications of influenza, which are known to be more dangerous than the disease.

All products undergo strict control

According to the physician, no matter whether you will acquire the vaccine at the pharmacy and referred her to the doctor to make a shot, or buy directly at the medical center. All drugs are strictly controlled and to run on a fake is almost impossible.

“All vaccines that fall in pharmacies and certified centers are adequately monitored – tracked the path of the vaccine from the manufacturer to the end user, carried out preliminary testing tests of its compliance and security, etc. besides, to make the vaccine is much harder and more expensive to deliver than the original. But it is worth remembering that before you buy the vaccine at the pharmacy, it is important to consult a doctor who will examine you before vaccination, determine contraindications,” says the doctor.

Age contraindications for vaccination are almost there, except that the injection do not make children up to six months.

Modern vaccines are well tolerated by people of different age groups, including the elderly. Moreover, since seniors are at risk because of reduced immunity, it is to them that vaccination is shown in the first place.

Prevention is cheaper than cure

After a couple of weeks Ukraine will start the increased incidence of acute respiratory diseases, said the expert, and with them, our site will come and the flu. To immunity to new strains had to be developed, should take the vaccination now and in parallel to take additional measures for strengthening of protective forces of an organism.

Thus, from a medical point of view, to be tested before vaccination do not need, and, if any center or clinic you will be asked to do it, then most likely the doctor wants to be safe, but are paid and expensive surveys should be cause for concern – there is a possibility that the patient just make.

Additional protection is good hygiene, it is important to frequently wash hands with soap and water, avoid visiting places with large concentrations of people, do not touch with dirty hands to the eyes, nose and mouth, avoid dining out, especially from a foreign cookware, etc. Not less important most ventilated room in the house and offices at work, especially if they employ many employees.

To further strengthen the immune system will allow a vitamin of herbal teas (rosehip, ginger, cranberries, mint) and the use of seasonal berries, fruit and vegetables (especially apples, grapes, citrus, roots and greens), as well as exercise and fresh air.

Try to avoid contact with people who have colds, runny nose or cough. If you are sick, keep your distance from other people to protect them from the disease. When sneezing and coughing, be sure to cover your face with a napkin or handkerchief.

Risk areas

The doctor Savitskaya said that the virus no one is immune. But there are certain risk groups – people with chronic diseases, people over 60 years of age, persons working in large groups, children and pregnant women, and those who are in contact with the virus because of the professional medical workers, workers of sphere of services, trade, transport.

“The virus is also dangerous for the elderly, asthma patients and Allergy sufferers, – that they I would recommend to definitely get vaccinated, and this must be done now, because the body still need some time on the production of antibodies. And since the increase in the incidence, in our opinion, will commence in October, to postpone this procedure is not necessary”, – said the doctor.

Vaccination is especially important for people who suffer from chronic ailments because of infection and weakening of the body as a result of the disease can lead to exacerbations.

Viruses are unpredictable

Despite the fact that you already know which viruses are expected in the current season, before it starts to predict 100% sure which strains will dominate in a particular region, it is difficult, says the doctor. In addition to the new strains of “old” viruses, though to a lesser extent, but still remain relevant. However, according to the doctor, they don’t pose much of a threat as the people of Ukrainian regions have massively had them for several seasons and, therefore, are immune.

It is worth noting that, according to unofficial estimates of some experts, this year the flu virus will take up to 7-8 million Ukrainians. To reduce these figures can only be a vaccine, says doctor.

“Be vaccinated or not is a personal matter, but I, like the vast majority of physicians are inclined to believe that their health must be protected. The choice of vaccine and where to vaccinate will always remain at the discretion of the patient.

Of course, the issue of vaccination, especially if we are talking about children, you need to be vigilant and not to buy the drug or not to give consent to the injection, not after seeing the packaging. It should not be damaged, it is desirable to immediately check the certificates, although hospitals and clinics of unauthorized drugs can not be.

Very important to the transportation and storage of the vaccine at the correct temperature. Otherwise, the vaccine loses its properties, but I can assure you, even in this case, the danger to the health of a quality product shall not be”, – assured the expert.

Important: by purchasing the vaccine at the pharmacy, it is necessary to observe the recommendations for storage until the moment when will give medication in the doctor’s hands. Be sure to save your receipt – alert the medic will want to ensure that the vaccine purchased in a sanctioned and safe place.

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