V. Zemlyansky: “Appetites “Naftogaz” growing up, coming of force majeure to the tariffs, but the government is silent”

В. Землянский: «Аппетиты «Нафтогаза» растут, грядут форс-мажоры с тарифами, но государство безмолвствует»

Today the responsibility for the repair extremely worn out intrahouse networks are actually passed on to tenants. However, there are companies that are ready for your money to take “care” for the repair and maintenance of these networks in a more or less working condition. The cost of this service is calculated from the actual living space and is in a month 74 kopecks. per 1 sq. m for district heating networks and 13 kopecks. per 1 sq. m for networks of hot water. This “additive” to the cost of Ukrainians, which is completely “crushed” back-breaking tariffs for communal. About the need to bring tariffs for public utilities in accordance with the purchasing power of the population and changes of tariffs for all markets, which is within the competence of the state, the correspondent of ГолосUA said the expert on energy issues Valentin Zemlyansky.


Valentin, community networks in residential buildings today are not served by anyone. For any accident now respond with their wallets the inhabitants of each house?

– Of course. The problem of drowning – the handiwork of drowning. Previously this situation was the regional gas distributing company was responsible for all the problems in shell and core networks. But it was still Soviet standard. Was a good, old-fashioned Soviet standards, requirements, monitoring internal networks, state gas appliances. Now these rules are cancelled. We have had a change in the law. We have the liberal model – the idea is to meet either the management company or OSBB. While OSBB such a responsibility do not want to take, they say “we are not a legal entity”. As for utility Zhekov, then, in theory, maintenance of shell and core networks must keep the housing Department – there should be a specially trained person or the housing office must sign a contract with the gas companies to “specialists” regional gas companies engaged in all the problems. Then, relatively speaking, the matter is settled – “kyivgas” comes to you and checks the status of equipment in-house network. But now Hoo is not responsible for the condition of intrahouse networks. Now no-one answers. This situation hung in the air until may 2019, has not yet come into force the new law on housing.


The gas companies had not raised rates for several years. Why can’t they put the population of cheap gas?

Our regional gas companies is divided into two parts. There is a gas, which is engaged in the transport of the carrier, and there is a regional gas supplier of resources that “Naftogaz” buys and then sells. For the technical condition that meets just the carrier, Transporter, distribution company. They have the price of the rates laid today for 51 cents. They say that they felt (of course, everyone wants a lot) and realize that we need to increase the amount in 2-3 times to cover technical and production costs. When there is a redistribution of gas from high pressure to medium, then from medium to low – they need to relieve the pressure, respectively, one way or another, in the process of loss there will be, as was the equipment built, otherwise it doesn’t work, regardless of volume. They dispense gas and can only act within the framework laid down rate, that is, they have no profit. The smaller pumped volume of gas, the less money they get. They say that they can out of this situation – unable to raise salaries, to implement the investment programme, but at the price of gas should be a fair redistribution. Can’t be just an increase of 25% in the price of gas, not taking into account the interests of the players in the market, regional gas companies, which are engaged in the technical part. Naftogaz says: we the price of gas will raise, we took his, and you – as want. If the gas companies would require your 50 COP. to add, the tariff for the population will jump even higher.


– “Naftogaz” plays the fiddle in this issue…

– Of course. This lack of governance where they balance the interests of all consumers and the interests of market players. Bringing tariffs in line with the purchasing power of the population is again within the scope of the state. Should be in General changed the policy of tariffs for all markets. Yes, we put as a priority the liberalization of the market, but taking into account people’s incomes. However, the government believes that if we have liberalization, you can do nothing. So go on force majeure at the request of the IMF.

The main question is certainly the question of tariffs. By 2020, we should reach parity with the industry – the tariff for the population will grow to $ 500. I’m sure the rates must be given in accordance with the purchasing power of the population. Until then, until it is resolved the problem of tariff setting and control and metering for distribution system, until you enter the European rules – the situation will only get worse.


– Higher gas prices will stimulate the growth of the debt payments…

– Will increase the debt and will increase the volume of subsidies, that is, will have to the state. By 2020, the gas tariffs for the population are planning to go on a parity with the industry – $ 500 per thousand cubic meters. By the way, now for September set rate for the industry from 13 thousand to 14 thousand UAH per cubic meter.

It is absolutely deadlock. The higher will rise the tariffs, the deeper we will come to a standstill. And exit from there. We go to the degradation and the state system, and the entire structure of the network. The logic is that the centralized supply of services is from the public point of view, a higher priority profitable than offline. And environmentally, economically and technically it should work in normal mode, not as we do – with leaky pipes and underheating of the water.


– Why in Ukraine is not imposed by the European rules of control and accounting for volumes of gas?

European rules of accounting and control is a system of daily balancing. “Naftogaz” has invested 100 million of money into the system daily accounting, daily balancing, but says about it that the gas companies are not ready. The gas companies in turn say they are spring ready and introduced this system and ready to connect. While the company holds presentations. That is, in fact, the system did not work and at best it will work in the spring. The national Commission had fined the company because they time this system is not introduced. Most likely, they and in October it enters. The problem is that the monthly closing balance of “Naftogaz” can say that “we have lost the gas.” And there have been such precedents, that is, has not signed the agreement between “Naftogaz” and CTV (utility companies), etc.

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